28 Sep 2014

Navarathri Golu at our home!


Navarathri is one of the most important festivals in India. You can read about it here. In our home, we arrange dolls in seven steps and, this doll display or Golu as we call it, will be kept for the nine days. We will invite friends and relatives (females) to our home and will give them presents. We gift them Tambulam which comprises of beetle leaves, beetle nut, Sindoor, Haldi, some fruit and coconut. They in turn will invite us to their Golu. :) 

I decided to share this year's Golu with all my virtual friends so that you can "visit" our Golu. Please note that this is a picture heavy post! (Around 24 images)

Our Golu is a simple one as we had little time to arrange and do the decorations. :)

Let me start posting the pictures by calling you all to see our Golu. :) 

Navarathri Golu Decoration

Navarathri Golu Decoration

26 Sep 2014

Blue and Green Simple festive Eye Makeup

Hello friends,

Hope you all are busy with your Navrathri pooja’s. I will post our home’s Navrathri Golu arrangements soon here so that all my virtual friends can visit our Golu. J

After ages, I decided to share an eye-makeup which I did today! Today I had some pooja to attend and I also had my office. So I was in a hurry to finish my makeup and dressing.

So I came up with the idea of using just colored liners to create a simple and colorful look.

Blue and Green Simple festive Eye Makeup

Products used: 

25 Sep 2014

Collegedunia.com - An extensive search engine for Colleges and Educational Institutions in India

Hello friends,

Today’s post is different. I am not going to talk about beauty or make up. But yeah, for some people, this subject is also related to beauty – Intellectual beauty. J Which one of you finds a hot shot educational qualification irresistible? 

Let me stop here and get back to what this post is all about. This is about a new website - collegedunia.com, which caters to the needs of students trying to find steps for accomplishing their dream educational course.

Collegedunia.com An extensive search engine for Colleges and Educational Institutions in India
Collegedunia.com - Home page

24 Sep 2014

Faces Correct and Care Cream - Review

Hello friends,

I was looking for a simple no-fuss bb/cc cream apart from my favorite ponds one for the summer and monsoon. I am not using foundation these days. I don’t even care about concealing my pimple marks these days! Imagine how the climate might be.

Faces CC Cream Review

When I heard that Faces cosmetics have launched a CC cream, I couldn't resist trying it.

It is priced at Rs. 399/- and is available in two shades i.e., natural and sand.


FACES CC Cream brings multiple benefits to give you flawless looking skin in a single step. It primes, perfects and protects to make you look stunning all day.

22 Sep 2014

Safetykart.com: Protect, Prevent and Care!

Hello friends,

I got a chance to review the e-commerce site known as safetykart.com. I was intrigued by the name and browsed it only to find that it is quite different from the regular e-commerce sites. Read on to know what makes this site different.

Safetykart.com Home Page


We believe that safety is a necessity, not an option.

Safetykart.com is an online destination that brings all your safety needs to one singular place. With an unwavering dedication to damage prevention and control. We created this platform with a vision to provide easy access to world class safety products that can be delivered to you with just a click.

12 Sep 2014

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Eye Cream - Review

Hello friends,

Since last month, work has been pretty hectic giving little or no time for my other interests. Results: Dark circles and tired looking eyes.

I normally don’t suffer from under eye darkness. So the advent of a new skin problem made me lose sleep. My friends and family noticed it and started suggesting remedies which only made matters worse.

I have used couple of brightening and moisturizing eye creams in the past but they were not so strong enough for my dark circles. I picked this one up without any thoughts when I went mall hopping with Nisha. As it was priced at a modest Rs. 250/- for 15 g tube, I did not have much expectations over it.

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Eye Cream

Read on to know if it fared well on me or not. J

11 Sep 2014

Tips to get the best out of your epilating session

Hello friends,

It has been a while since I wrote such posts. Work has been heavy and hence no time for other activities. Anyways, I am back now and will try to be as regular as possible.

Today’s post is going to be about how to live with using an epilator. Yup you read it right.!

Tips for hair removal using epilator

I hate waxing or visiting salons. Almost 90% of the waxing sessions i tried ended up causing so much pain, redness etc. Some how the universally raved method of hair removal did not suit me. 

Whenever I tell my friends that my preferred method of hair removal is epilating, the most common question is “how can you withstand the pain”. As the quantum of such questions increased, I decided to share some tips which I follow to make the whole process of epilating a smooth and happy journey!