12 May 2012

I Just u Soft touch Lipstick in shade No.1-Review

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My second post.. yeah.. I dont know why but i have a strange sense of happiness when i blog. May be i am getting the hang of it right??

This is going to be my review of I just you soft touch lipstick in shade 1.

[caption id="attachment_20" align="aligncenter" width="300"] I Just u Soft touch Lipstick in shade No.1[/caption]

Now, I have this  tendency to get bored so soon. I need to do something or the other to keep myself occupied always or else I would get restless, uneasy or just will keep saying “I’m bored..!” Like all pretty girls here, I love to indulge in retail therapy quite often both online and offline. :D During one of my meaning less shopping, I saw one brand called “I just you” with a heart between I and Just. The SA had a separate counter for this lipstick. As I have never heard of the brand till then, I decided to try them just for the heck of it.

I got one lipstick in shade No.1, a beige shade (that’s what I think. I am so bad at colors.) So here goes my review.

The brand:

I have seriously never heard of this brand. Once I got this lipstick home I wanted to know about this. When I googled I found out that I just you is a line of cosmetics from a company called as MayG Ltd. This is a Bulgarian based company that’s into Perfumes and cosmetics.

Extract from their website:

MayG Limited was established in 1992 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Today, it is a modern and dynamically developing company. Our company has won an excellent reputation with honesty and excellent relationships in the contacts with it’s partners and the quality of its products both in Bulgaria and in a number of European countries.

Our company presents two own brands of decorative cosmetics – one for the mass market “Just You” and one for medium class market “Ellis”. We have long-term experience on the cosmetics market, which is confirmed by the constant implementation of new developments, as well as by upgrading the colour palette and the products range according to the latest fashion trends.


It comes with a standard sturdy plastic lip stick packaging that’s opaque grey in color with silver hearts and letters. This comes with a silver cardboard box that contains the list of ALL (yes all) the ingredients they put into it. Unfortunately, I lost the box and hence am not able to provide the ingredients list. Sorry. The lip brush do not come with the lipstick.

[caption id="attachment_22" align="aligncenter" width="300"] The standard lipstick packaging[/caption]

Product description:

This is a very interesting lipstick because; I never knew this had a lip gloss with it untill 2 months post purchase.  I found this out when I was twisting the bottom portion aimlessly. The Bottom portion of the lipstick can be removed and lo behold there is your cute little lip gloss that matches with the shade of the lipstick.

[caption id="attachment_26" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Isn't the lil gloss tub cute???[/caption]

The net weight of the lipstick and lip gloss is 3.75 grams, it costs Rs. 210/- and has a shelf life of 2 years.

What I love about this:

  • First and foremost i love love love this color. I have been on the look out for a natural shade that's opaque enough to cover my pigmentation and this perfectly fits the bill.

  • Lipstick and lipgloss(that too in a cute lil tub) is very innovative. I have never seen such packaging in my life.

  • The packaging is very sturdy and feels heavy. You can drop this in your bag and forget about the cap coming off.

  • The texture is creamy, smooth and glides on easily.

  • Even with such texture it does not bleed.

  • Do not accentuate fine lines.

  • Color pay off is very good. One swipe is enough yes.! even for the lipgloss.

  • Staying power is pretty decent. 4-5 hrs with snacks in between. I had meals and it faded slightly in the inner corners.

  • Moisturizing. You need not bother about applying lip balms beneath.

  • Price. Its just 210 for lipstick and gloss!!

What I Hate about this:

  • Not easily available. When I went to the same shop after a month of purchase seeking more shades the stock was not there and now even the counter is not there. :(

  • Smells very mildly of castor oil. Yeah.. Very mild but then castor oil is castor oil.!


[caption id="attachment_23" align="aligncenter" width="300"] The left swatch is single swipe of lip gloss and the right is single swipe lipstick.[/caption]

Judgment Time:

This is a Hit for me.!! I Completely love, adore, worship this shade. I want to try out more shades from this range. I am checking for those in online sites as well. Any beauties having details about this products whereabouts, please tell me.



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