10 Jun 2012

Youtube Guru Julieg713 inspired Nail Art.

Hey there..!!

Hope you had a great Sunday like i did. :)

Today i recreated a nail art called HOT PINK NAILS WITH ZEBRA TIPS done by one of my favorite youtube guru julieg713. I love her videos very much because she is very inspiring for make up newbies like me and she does pretty eye make up and nail art tutorials.

I have not taken pictures step by step but I will be giving a link to her you tube video so that people can check it out as well. And, this happens to be my FIRST nail art involving three colors. YAY..!!!

[caption id="attachment_47" align="aligncenter" width="658"] voiceofrm - Hot pink nails with zebra tips inspired by julieg713, youtube guru[/caption]

Step – 1: Apply a base coat on your nails. I used sally Hansen one. Always use a base coat because it protects your nails from yellowing due to too much polish usage.

Step -2: Apply a pink nail polish. I used Tips and Toes “Dandelion” shade as it was the only closest pink I could lay my hands on immediately. Let it dry for 10 minutes.

Step -3: Apply a white color nail polish on the tips of your nails as if you are doing a French manicure. I used a white nail polish here because I didn’t have a black nail polish but had a black nail art pen. So I used the Melmen, the zebra from the movie Madagascar ’s style like “I am white with black stripes and the original version was black with white stripes”. Lol..!!. Let the white nail polish dry for about ten minutes. I used a white polish from lakme Color Crush.

Step-4: Take a nail art pen/nail art nail polishes with long thin brush and create a zebra pattern on the white tip. I used a nail art pen from Konad (shade name is “black pearl”). It has a pen tip with which we can create different designs and a long thin nail art brush for such designs.

Step-5: Let it dry for thirty minutes and once completely dry, apply a top coat. I used a clear polish from lakme for that.

Step-6: Let it dry and flaunt :)

P.S: Link to Ms. Julie's Tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfdERmAX7Q4






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