17 Jul 2012


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Hope you are enjoying your day to the maximum. Here in Chennai the climate has cooled down a bit and it seems like the perfect day for driving.

Few days ago, one of my colleagues at work complained about her acne marks and how difficult it was to get rid of them. It was then I remembered how I used to suffer with breakouts and marks during my adolescence.  Pimple had been my best friend for most of my adolescence and at one point of time I gave up getting bothered about it. But as soon as I gave up bothering, they slowly left me. (Yay!!). I do not get breakouts anymore. (Unless I mess with my face of course). But the marks left by my pimples, as my colleague said, was such a pain to get rid of. I tried numerous creams, scrubs, serums by shelling out all of my money with no considerable improvement.

After several unsuccessful attempts, at my mum’s suggestion, I started using Kasturi haldi (not the regular haldi). This is a variety of turmeric and is easily available. Turmeric as we know is an ancient herb often associated with beauty and bahu’s. :P In this post I am going to share my views on usage of turmeric and how it helped me to combat marks on face.

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What is Haldi?


It is an ancient herb which is found majorly in South Asia and it is known for its health and culinary uses.

The main difference between Kasturi haldi and normal one is that Kasturi haldi is not used for cooking.

Ways for using Kasturi Haldi:

  1. One of the most famous ways of using this is mixing Kasturi haldi + besan flour + milk cream and applying the face on mildly cleansed face. Leave this for about 15 mins and wash it off by rubbing it gently in circular motions. You can substitute milk with curd as per your preference. Using this mask weekly twice will not only result in soft and mark free skin but will also discourage facial hair growth.

  2. Mix Kasturi Haldi with green gram flour and milk and use this mixture as face and body scrub. Using this in alternate days will give you a bright and even complexion. Due to its exfoliating properties, it will discourage hair ingrowths in your legs as well.

  3. You can also use this haldi mixed with water as a post bath scrub too. This haldi, unlike its normal variant does not impart that yellow color on you.

  4. You can use it directly on your face with just mixing it with water as pack too. But if used this way, it stings badly.

Like all ayurvedic medicines, you need to be patient and religious with its usage to actually see the results. And, as it has anti-bacterial and anti-acne properties, it tends to be a little drying. Dry skinned beauties must stick to its use once or twice in a week.

As for me, I just love my haldi treatments. I have been using this for almost 3 months. It works very well on my skin and even people started noticing the difference in my face.

Do you know any other ways of using haldi on skin? Do share.



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