21 Jul 2012

L’Occitane En Provence – Delice des Fleurs Rose & Violette Hand Cream Review

Hello Beauties,

So, how is your weekend plans coming? Batman Anyone? I cannot watch Batman this week as I need to stay at home to help my mum with some errands.

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I heard rave reviews about the Limited Edition L’Occitane hand Creams in the blogosphere and I very much wanted to buy them.

Keeping my hands smooth and smelling good always made me feel luxurious. Hence I never skip the hand cream routine. These crèmes are known for their wonderful long lasting fragrance and the tendency to make the skin soft and supple.

I ordered this cream at their website as L’Occitane does not have an outlet at Chennai. The Shipping cost was a whopping Rs. 150/- within India. (But Never mind..) I wanted so bad to get that cream and I did. That’s what matters at the end of the day right?

About L’Occitane: http://in.loccitane.com/about-us,49,1,5718,171028.htm

About the cream: Enriched with shea butter, Délice des Fleurs Hand Cream, containing may rose and violet leaf absolutes, helps to nourish and soften the hands while leaving them perfumed with the delicious and powdery fragrance of crystallized petals.

The Concept of Shea butter always attracted me as I have very dry hands and feet and I am always on the look out for non-greasy yet moisturizing creams.  I have not purchased L’Occitane Products before and being my first product I wanted to try something that won’t hurt me (or my pocket) even if their service/delivery is not fine.

Cost: Rs. 495/- for 30 ml.

Packaging: It comes in a colorful and travel-friendly packaging with a screw cap (ointment type) that wont come loose.

What I Like:

  1. I must say that I love the time they took to deliver the product. They delivered this within 2-3 days and the feeling of getting the product you love so much in just 2-3 days makes me forget the actual cost of shipping.

  2. The cream has the most perfect luxurious fragrance. It’s not over whelming and yet not so understated that you don’t feel the smell at all. The fragrance lasts for about 4-5 hours and I keep checking the smell frequently as it smells so good.

  3. The moisturizing it provides is also very good. As I told, my hands are dry and it makes keeps my hand soft smooth and silky for about 5-6 hours well. In case I was my hands with soap, I need to reapply and a little amount of cream is sufficient for the job. It spreads so well. I cannot stop touching my hands again and again.

  4. The packaging in which it was delivered is worth mentioning. The box was so pretty and I love it very much.

  5. They also let us pick our own free samples. I selected an under eye cream and a body gel but they also added a sample of a perfume too. How Sweet na? I just love free goodies. (At times more than the main product itself)

What I Hate:

Literally Nothing. This brand is a newly found love for me and I thank the beauty bloggers for introducing me to such a wonderful brand. I want to try all of their products now.! L’Occitane Haul Coming up.!! :D

And Oh yes they are having a sale running at present on their website. And you get free shipping for purchase above Rs.1000/-

Here is a toe nail art I tried a few days back. Its not that great, but then as it is my first toe nail art I wanted to share it as well.

Have a Great Weekend.



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