29 Jul 2012

Street Ware Nail Polishes - Review

Hi all,

I am back with a fun post for the week end! I love nail polishes and nail arts. I used to sport long finger nails adorned with nail arts. But very recently on a particularly depressing day I cut them off! L

During those times, (a month back) I purchased some five shades of street wear nail polishes. After using them a couple of times, I thought of doing a review.

I love the brand street wear. I have used them a lot during my school and college days. They don’t burn a hole in your pocket and yet are good. The nail polishes which I am going to review are all from the normal collection with an exception to the pink one as it’s from the Quick Dry collection.

The shades are Silver Lining 17, Copper Charisma 51, Icy blue 68, Berry Shine 79 and cute pink 08.

The Normal ones are priced at INR 90/- and the quick dry ones are priced at INR. 140/-.

[caption id="attachment_123" align="alignright" width="256"] L to R: Sliver Lining, Copper Charisma, Icy Blue, Berry Shine and Cute Pink.[/caption]

Silver Lining (Shimmer): It’s a light grey color with silver shimmer. It’s a wonderful color but I somehow feel that this color makes my hands look tanned. It’s an opaque color. One coat is sufficient to show the true color but I love to use two coats of this.

Copper Charisma (shimmer): It’s a beautiful dark chocolate copper color. It’s a perfect combination of dark chocolate color and coppery sheen. I feel that this particular shade has quite runny consistency than the other shades. It’s highly opaque and looks very pretty.

Icy Blue (Sheer Shimmer): Like its name, it’s a pretty semi-transparent shade of light ocean blue. One shade looks pretty much like a transparent mild blue based shimmer. I love to wear this shade alone during the days when I pretty much do not like to dress up my nails too much and yet be elegant and groomed.

Berry Shine (Shimmer): It’s a maroon color with subtle gold shimmer. The shimmer in this color is very small, does not show up on its own and adds a beautiful effect to the nail polish. According to me it’s a perfect color for weddings and festivals.

Cute Pink (Glossy): It’s a gloss finish nail color and it’s from the quick dry category. On the bottle it looks like a Barbie doll pink but on the nails comes as a beautiful, elegant and classic lotus pink. Requires two coats for the color to show.

[caption id="attachment_124" align="alignright" width="256"] L to R: Silver Lining, Copper Charisma, Icy Blue, Berry Shine and Cute Pink[/caption]

What I love about Street Wear Nail Polishes:

  1. Their cost. It’s very cheap and is good too.

  2. Doesn’t chip for two – three days.

  3. Easy to remove using nail polish removers. I do not like nail polishes, especially shimmery ones that are hard to remove. Just one swipe and it should go.!

  4. Many pretty shades easily available.

  5. Decent Applicator.

What I hate about Street Wear Nail Polishes:

  1. Their smell. They have a weird varnish kind of smell to them and I do not like it.

  2. Tends to solidify soon and hence needs to be used soon.

Overall, i love these polishes and i am gonna try all their shades soon..

What do you think about these and do you have any particular favorite shade??? Do tell about them..



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