25 Aug 2012

LA Girls Endless Auto Liner in Charcoal and Neon Blue - Review

Hey gurls,

This post is going to be a review about one of my favorite recent finds - LA Girls Eye Pencils. Like most of the Indian Girls, Kajal and eyepencils form inevitable components in my daily makeup. I just can’t live without them and I have got used to them so much that a day without eye pencils and kajals make me look sick.

After using Black Colored eye pencils for long, the adventurous soul in me wanted to try out colored pencils. Being satisfied with the LA girls White color eye pencils I decided to venture further into the brand and purchased two eye pencils in the shades Neon Blue and Charcoal from the Endless Auto Liner Collection.

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About the Collection: (from their website)

Semi-Permanent formula for extended wear. Waterproof and smudge proof for all day wear. Line & define with long lasting definition. Unique formula glides on smooth with improved creaminess. With added vitamin E to condition eyes. Once dry, color can withstand the "overnight" test!

Price: Around Rs. 300/- do not remember the exact price.

My take on the LA Girls Endless Auto Liner in Charcoal and Neon Blue:


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Charcoal: It’s a Pencil Grey color with loads of silver shimmer that almost makes it look like a chrome grey. I wanted to buy a dark grey color and this fitted my bill perfectly.

Neon Blue: True to its name it’s a bold blue color that has matte finish to it. No shimmer or glossy effect. Being partial towards matte shades I am totally in love with it.

Both the pencils carry a creamy smooth texture. In fact the texture is even more smoother with the Neon Blue which I think is because of the lack of glitter. The pencil is the Auto liner types which requires no sharpening.

Now to their pros and cons:


  1. Smooth and creamy texture that do not tug your sensitive skin around the eyes.

  2.  One swipe is enough to impart a deep color.

  3. Staying power is magnificent. I applied it around 8:30 in the morning and it stayed perfect till I reached home by Evening 6 and removed it myself.

  4. It is smudge proof as it claims.

  5. Though there is no mention about its usage in the waterline, I tried it and it does not sting my eyes. Staying power in the waterline is quite less, around 3-4 hours after which it tends to settle between the lower lashes.

  6. Very Ideal for working women and college going girls as its long staying and do not require any touch ups.


  1. The texture of the Neon Blue is so soft n creamy that it tends to break often.

  2. I personally do not like the twist barrel type of eyeliners. I have a feeling that these types of pencils get over soon than the sharpening types.

  3. The color does not come off easily when I used my facial cleanser. I need to use coconut oil to remove it. Though not a con, I do not like it when the color sticks to my eyelids and refuses to come off.

Some Photos:

[caption id="attachment_178" align="aligncenter" width="307"] Swatch[/caption]

Judgment Time: Definitely a hit for me and will like to try out all the colors in their collection.

Take Care.


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