4 Aug 2012

Streetwear Color Rich Lip Color in Crystal Mauve - Review


How is your weekend coming? Of late I have been bitten by the Street Wear lipstick bug! I just can’t get enough of them. They are easy on the pocket, colorful and available easily both online and in shops.

I got this beauty when I went to buy some tweezers from a nearby beauty supply store. They had a tray full of street wear Color Rich lipsticks and I picked the much raved about shade “Crystal Mauve”. Read on to see how it fared for me.


This baby comes in the standard Color Rich packaging i.e., Black plastic with a silver ring at the middle. The lid is not that tight and hence while travelling it is always advisable to keep this lipstick in a little pouch to avoid any travel disasters.

Color: Pinkish mauve color.

Finish: Creamy.

Price: INR. 160/-

Shade code: 02 Crystal Mauve.

Pigmentation: Very Good.

[caption id="attachment_140" align="alignright" width="302"] Left: Single Swipe Right: Multiple Swipes[/caption]









What I liked about Crystal Mauve:

  1. Wonderful finish.

  2. Decent pigmentation. One good swipe is enough to get the color though I prefer two.

  3. Creamy finish and hence lip balm can be skipped.

  4. Very flattering color. Just makes my face instantly bright.

  5. Easy on the pocket.

What I do not like about Crystal Mauve:

  1. Staying power! It hardly stays for 2 hours on my lips and after that it kind of totally vanishes.

  2. As I said earlier, the cap is not comfortable enough for travel.

Judgment time:

Just for the sake of its very color I consider it a hit for me. For 160 rupees the above mentioned cons can easily be given a pass. Right?

See you all in another post



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