2 Sep 2012

Amway Attitude Eyeliner in Jade Green - Review

Hi Everyone,

Hope all of you are enjoying the weekend. You would have guessed from the title that my expedition with colored eyeliner continues.  Yeah. I have got myself a yet another colored eyeliner in green. This one is not from la colors as the la colors outlet is quite far off from my home, and when it comes to travel, I hate to travel alone.  So, when my neighbor aunty who happened to be an amway dealer told about the new liner collection they have, I immediately ordered two. One in basic matte black and one in a color called Jade Green. Unfortunately, the black one was out of stock and hence I received only my green one along with some house cleaning stuffs mum had ordered. (She paid for it too. YAY!)

[caption id="attachment_183" align="aligncenter" width="190"] source: amway.in[/caption]

I got this beauty a week back. Read on to know more about my experience with Amway Attitude Jade Green Liner.

This liner is from their Attitude makeup and skin care range.

About the product: (from their website)

An extremely soft waterproof formula that has excellent and even colour pay-off. It is easy to apply & easy to blend after application. The formula glides on effortlessly & stays put for hours. Dermatologically Approved Ophthalmologically Approved.

Instructions to use (from their website)

Line your eyes on the upper lid from the inner side of the eye to the outer side. Line your lower lid from the outer edge, tapering to the inner corner of the eye. To soften the look, use your ring finger and smudge gently at the corners.

Product ID: SKU #: 248351ID

Cost: INR. 349/-

Type: Sharpening Pencil.

About the Color:

True to its name, it’s a deep jade green color.  Though not very obvious, I would classify the shade as a metallic one. It’s a beautiful Festive color and somehow reminds me of Christmas decorations.

Texture: It has the most wonderful uttery buttery creamy texture. This texture makes it super easy to apply and does not tug the eyelids when we try to draw a line at one shot. It’s too creamy that if you apply excess pressure the tip becomes flat very soon.

[caption id="attachment_186" align="alignleft" width="300"] one swipe[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_187" align="alignright" width="300"] Rubbed once with wipe[/caption]

My experience:

Initially the cost of the pencil made me think twice and now, after using it for almost a week, just like Becky Bloomwood, I think this purchase is an investment. (not that I have Luke Brandon to bail me out He he..!) I’m so in love with this pencil that I am using it almost every day. This color will look fab for fair skinned beauties with dark eyes. The jade green in eyes with dark eyeballs makes them look very mysterious and deep.

This liner stays put in the place where you place them and do not smudge or fade. It does fades a little if you wipe your eyes with a wet wipe but it does not disappear completely unless you remove them with a remover.  If you want to smudge them you must do It as fast as you can because ones set it does not budge and it sets super quick.

The main disadvantage of the color green is, if you use it in the lower lash line care should be taken t conceal your dark circles well if you have them or else this green will make them look even worse. I tried it in my lower water line and did not face any irritation. However, this eyeliner, due to its super creamy texture tends to descend from the waterline and settle in the space between the lashes after two hours or so after application in the waterline.

This creamy texture tempts me to try it as an eye shadow and test its performance in that department.

I will recommend this to all my friends. Want to try the Blue Topaz and Warm Copper from this range soon.

Okay, Now to its pros and cons:


  1. Gorgeous mysterious color.

  2. Creamy texture that makes one fall in love with this.

  3. Smudge and Waterproof.

  4. This pencil can be sharpened. I love this type than their twisting counterparts.


  1. Price might be a con for some.

  2. Tends to emphasize the dark circles.

  3. The Cap is not at all sturdy and comes off pretty easily. Needs to be kept in separate covers while travelling in order to avoid disasters inside the handbag.

  4. Not available in shops and must be ordered through amway dealers.

Hope you girls find the review useful. And if you know any other brands that have great eye pencils do recommend.

Have a Great Afternoon.



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