26 Sep 2012

Elle 18 Color Pops - Pinken, Wildberry Wet & Rusty - Review

Hi Girls,

A couple of day’s back, when I went to a nearby beauty supply store, the SA told me that they had just received a fresh set of consignment from Elle 18. I have a special love for Elle 18 in my heart. Especially for their lipsticks or color pops as they call it. I immediately checked it and to my pleasant surprise found a lot of pretty colors that were not there in my collection. I got 3 of them namely Rusty(29), Pinken (31) and Wildberry wet(24).

In this post, I am going to share about the wonderful/not so wonderful experiences I had with them.

Price: Rs. 100/- per bullet.

Quantity: 4.3 ml.

Expiry: 30 months from packaging.

Rusty is a brick colored lipstick which will look fabulous in the evenings. I have used it twice in the evenings and it complemented my skin tone which is medium to fair very well under artificial light.

Pinken is an onion peel pink with mild blue undertones has become my go to color for casual days. Its mild blue undertones and breaths a casual feel to the entire look.

Wildberry Wet is comes as a transparent color in my lips. When I looked at it, it looked like a soft baby pink lipstick. I thought it would look fab on me but when I came home and swatched it on, all I could see was my bare lips with no color. :(

All these colors have a moisturizing effect to them and hence we need not worry about our lips getting chapped or dry. They have (except wildberry wet) a good color pay off. The lipsticks I had from elle have never used to settle into fine lines. But, when I wore Pinken today, I found that they have settled into fine lines after fading which made the lines appear even more obvious. All Elle lips have a staying power of 2-3 hours on my lips and are transferable.  They have this fruity smell which is not at all over powering.


My Verdict:

I am so happy with Pinken and Rusty that, for now I chose to ignore Wildberry’s non performance. These lipsticks have become my go to ones. I use them on all days apart from those during which I cannot afford touch ups. With this price tag, I wish to try all of their shades. They are worth the money even if some do not work as expected.

See you all in another post.




  1. I have Rusty and Cinnamon Bun...Loved them so much :)

    1. ya.. especially for the price we pay they are too good


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