17 Oct 2012

Colorbar Indian Eye Kohl - Review


This post is going to be a review about the India Eye Kohl from Colorbar USA.

Like most of the South Indian Girls, I have a special place for Kohls and Kajals in my heart. I love how mysterious and pretty the dark kohled eyes look.  As I was getting bit bored of the Lakme and Maybelline Kajals, I got one recently from colorbar.

This is called as the Indian Eye Kohl in Jet Black 001 and is priced at INR. 150/- for 4gm stick (earlier it was priced at INR. 125/-)

It comes in a cute silver and black box upon which the ingredient list, date of manufacture etc are mentioned.


Carnauba Wax USNF, Candellila Wax, Cetyl Palmitate, Ozokerite Wax, Soft Paraffin, Lanolin Anhydrous, Vitamin E, Methyl Paraben, Castrol Oil, Black Oxide, Carbon Black and Camphor.

Expiry: Two Years from Date of Packing.

What Colorbar Claims:

The Kajal is smooth to apply and gives the eyes a dramatic jet black color. It is wax based and creamy, making it easy and soft to apply on the eyes, it also contains camphor, which cools the eyes while Vitamin E and castor oil keeps the skin smooth and conditioned. It is available in Black.

My Experience:

I love cosmetics that come in Boxes. I think box packing makes them look classy. And this Khol comes in a small classy silver and black box. The Khol comes in the form of a fat pencil that needs to be sharpened which is okay with me. When used, it comes as a dark matte black. This Khol is not as creamy as the Lakme satin kajal one but at the same time it’s not that hard either. It glides on smooth and due to its not so creamy nature the product getting wasted during the sharpening sessions are less compared to other Khol’s.

The staying power is okay. It stays put for 4-5 hours after which it starts to smudge. Like all Kohl’s it settles in the lash line when it smudges. Happily it does not cause raccoon eyes and does not melt like how the traditional kohl’s do. I used it in my waterline and it does not sting or cause any irritation. It does not come all over the face like the hashmi ones. But however if you have the habit of rubbing your eyes every now and then, this one’s definitely not for you.  Also, it gives a mild cooling sensation when applied in the waterline which I think must be caused by the camphor in it.

Overall it’s a nice Kohl pencil that’s worth the money we pay for it.

Now summing up its Pro’s and Con’s:


  1. Pretty Matte Black.

  2. Comes in a cute Silver case and box.

  3. The Cap seems strong enough to avoid disasters in the handbag.

  4. Does not sting & glides on easily.

  5. Contains Camphor and Vitamin E.

  6. Pocket Friendly & easily available both online and offline.

  7. Does not cause raccoon eyes as long as you don’t rub.

  8. Gives a mild cooling sensation.


  1. Not the Perfect Black.

  2. Needs to be sharpened. (Okay with me).

  3. Comes off if you rub your eyes.

Will I recommend or repurchase?

Yes I will recommend and this is already my second purchase.

See you all in another post.



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