17 Oct 2012

Lakme Black Satin Kajal - Review

Hey There,

Today I am going to review one of my favorite kajal i.e., the Lakme Black Satin Kajal. It is from their Gypsy Collection and is priced at Rs. 150/-. As I have mentioned earlier, like most of the Indian Girls, I have a special place for kajals in my heart. I buy them, at many times just for the sake of experimenting.

This Kajal looks very much like the regular lakme one except for the fact that this one has the most beautiful golden floral designs printed on it. The floral designs were the one which actually drew me to pick this one at the first place. It’s a pencil type Kajal and needs to be sharpened. You need to buy the sharpener separately. I guess the lakme one costs around 65 rupees.

I have been using it on and off in addition to my Maybelline Collosal Kajal for the past couple of months and I am very much satisfied with this. When I purchased this one, I had certain preconceived notions like, all fat kajal pencils will any ways smudge and will have very short staying power etc which this kajal broke. I am not saying that this is the ultimate no smudge one, but it did stay better on my eyes when compared with the other fat kajal pencils.

I am the kind of girl who prefers fat kajal pencils over the thin ones just because the fat pencils make me feel as if I have worn kajal on my eyes. (Pretty crazy isn’t it? He he..!)

I use this to line mostly my water line only, though it can be used to line the upper and lower lash lines as well. It glides smooth on my eyes and does not sting. It stays up to 4 hours and does not create raccoon eyes. When it wears off, it somewhat disappears and mildly settles into the lower lash line. This is an added bonus for me because I prefer kajals that disappear over the ones that come all over my face because I can be sure that I will not look like a panda incase it wears off. It does lose a lot of product during the sharpening sessions but I am okay with it.

Let me now summarize the pros and cons.


  1. Very Black & Shiny.

  2. Waterline safe.

  3. Looks pretty with in black with golden designs.

  4. Does not create raccoon eyes.

  5. Creamy Texture and Glides on easily.

  6. water line safe.

  7. Cap is sturdy and can be thrown into your purse without a second thought.

  8. Can be smudged to create a smokey look.

  9. Stays for good 4 hours on my eyes.


  1. As its Creamy, lot of product gets wasted during the sharpening sessions.

  2. The Golden thing in the back side of the kajal pencil comes off. Though this is not at all related to the kajal’s performance etc., I find it really annoying. I faced similar issue with the regular lakme kajal too.

My Preferred ways to use this Kajal:

  1. I apply it directly in my lower waterline for casual day time look.

  2. For making it a little bit dramatic I apply this on my lower lash line (using an eyeliner brush from Vega) and on the water line for that thick khol lined eye look.

  3. We can also set it with a black eye shadow or apply a skin colored eyeliner on the lash line just below this khol to increase its staying power.

  4. I also love to apply a thin line of it in my upper lash line and smudge it with my smudger.

My Verdict:

This is a definite hit for me though I prefer trying out other khol’s & kajals. I am eyeing on the lakme eyeconic one. It sounds pretty interesting with that entire 10 hour claim.

Okay gals see you all in another post.

With Love,


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