17 Oct 2012

Navarathri Celebrations at my Home.

Navarathri (Nine Nights) is a festival that’s celebrated predominantly in South India during which people arrange dolls of Gods and Goddesses in their homes, mostly in a seven step fashion. The first three days of Navarathri is dedicated to Matha Durga (goddess of Bravery and health), the next three days to Matha Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth and Prosperity) and the last three days to Matha Saraswathi (Goddess of Knowledge and wisdom).

During those days, people (friends, neighbours and relatives) are invited to the homes and every evening special poojas are conducted and prasadams (offering) are given to the visitors. Special gifts like glass bangles, cute little boxes with kumkum and turmeric are given to women folks and girls.

The final day of Navarathri is celebrated as Dusshera in a very grand manner. It symbolizes the death or defeat of evil.

For more info’s visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golu

I being a south Indian also celebrate Navarthri with my family. The following are the pictures of the Golu kept by us.

May this Navarathri bless you all with Happiness, Prosperity and Wisdom.!! Happy Navarathri.

Most of the dolls were often passed down by the ancestors.

The Seven Steps:




Lord Venkatachalapathy with his consort.


Dancing Doll:

New Doll: Made of rubber. Sivakudumbam.




Baby krishna: This is one of the oldest dolls in our collection.



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