13 Oct 2012

Panasonic Soie ES2024 Epilator - Review

Hi All,

I am back with a review. This is going to be a story of how a product that was in existence for a long time in the market totally changed my life and made it simpler. Yes I am going to talk about my epilator from Panasonic.

My Story before Epilator:

I hated waxing. I hated going to parlors. I hated the way hair grew back after using razor on them. In short, I was living a horrible life. I went to the parlor near my home every month to get my legs and hands waxed. One day, the parlor lady used super duper hot wax on my hand. The wax was hot enough to make a mark on my hand. Since then I started dreading parlor visits. I slowly started depending on the razors which I had for emergency times. And at one point of time, I had to use razors weekly once to keep the hairs at bay. And, they gave me terrible in-grown hair and made my underarms dark.

Finding the Epilator:

I knew epilator as a hair removing equipment that caused immense pain and was very difficult to use. This mind set was totally changed when I read a review about the Philips epilator at a renowned blog. The lady had explained the process of using the epilator. It seemed okay enough to try as I was having terrible time using razors and visiting parlous.

I bought the Panasonic Soie ES2024 for INR 2,062/- from an e-commerce site.

About Panasonic Soie ES2024 Epilator:

This is a corded epilator. As I do not travel frequently and as I have power points installed near my dressing table for my hair styler (my dad’s idea) I found no reason to buy the cord-less one which was costlier than this.

What Panasonic Claims:

Effective hair removal, even on short or fine hair.

Exchangeable epilating head for underarms and bikini-line.

Two speed selection with a soft mode enabling gentle whisking away of hairs suitable even for first time users anxious about pain.

Innovative skin protector, holds skin firmly as hair is whisked away. Eases stress on skin by preventing direct contact with tweezer-like disks. Easier on sensitive skin because it's skin guard holds skin down as it extracts the hair from the root.

Includes soft carrying case and cleaning brush.

What the Panasonic ES2024 includes:

1 Soft travel case and cleaning brush.

1 Small epilation head for under arms and bikni area.

1 Large epilation head for arms and legs.

My experience with Panasonic Soie ES2024 Epilator:

When I first used it, I followed the following precautions that I read from the internet:

  1. I made sure all the dirt and oil from my skin were removed as they tend make the process a little tough.

  2. I made sure I did my epilation after my bath and after wiping my skin completely dry as it will open my pores and make the process less painful.

  3. I made sure my hairs were short by razoring them a few days before epilation as epilator works better and is less painful on short hair.

  4. I also made sure to have ice cubes nearby so that I could soothe my skin after epilation.

  5. I made sure my skin is held tight by resting my feet/arm on the table.

Yes it did hurt initially as it works by pulling out the hairs from the roots akin to tweezing your brows. But, the pain was not “THAT” bad as I imagined it to be. It removed hair after hair and my legs were little red after my first epilation process. As instructed, I followed up by rubbing the ice cubes on my legs to ease out the pain. My legs and hands looked so pretty and God I was impressed.

After a couple of months, I got little experimental and tried epilating without the removable “SKIN GUARD” and found that it worked better that way. Though not advisable, I loved the whole process without the SKIN GUARD and feel that the SKIN GUARD hinders the process of getting the maximum hair epilated at a time.

Now let me put down the pros and cons.


  1. Silky Smooth Skin for almost 4 weeks.

  2. The hair that grows back seems less obvious unlike shaving.

  3. Makes the skin look brighter as it removes the hair from the roots.

  4. The little brush that comes with it for cleaning the epilation head is very convenient.

  5. Both the epilating heads seems to be fine.

  6. The removable heads and the skin guard make the cleaning process easier.

  7. Dual Speed settings.

  8. Cheaper on a long run. They charge around 400 rupees for getting hands and feet waxed at a salon.  You can buy this product if you invest the money you pay for around 5 sittings initially and use it for years.

  9. The cord length is very comfortable. (Around 4-5 feet).

  10. Very comfortable and handy design.

  11. Comes with a cute bag where I can stuff all the epilator parts and keep them safe.

  12. Comes with a warranty of one year.


  1. Hurts a little when used for the first time.

  2. I find the 2nd Speed to be more effective than the 1st.

  3. I feel that the Skin Guard provided is a hindrance and makes the whole process difficult.

  4. This is a corded one.

  5. Seems a little noisy.

  6. This is a Dry Epilator and hence cannot be used against wet skin.

  7. And Last but not the least, Epilators give raise to in-grown hairs as well. However by regular scrubbing you can keep them at bay.

Final Verdict:

It’s an obvious hit for me and I have become so used to the epilator that I hardly feel the pain anymore. It’s super convenient and hassle free. You need not book any more parlor appointments and you need not feel the scalding wax to flaunt super smooth skin. Highly Recommended.



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