27 Nov 2012

Avon Astonishing lengths mascara in Brown – Review

Bonjour beauties,

In this post I am going to review Avon’s Astonishing lengths mascara in brown and this happens to be my first post about mascara’s in my blog. (I ate a diary milk crackle to celebrate this).

Avon Astonishing lengths mascara in Brown review swatch and EOTD

This mascara was gifted to me by my sweet neighbor on navrathri. Yup.! For all such celebrations where women exchange “thamboolam” this aunty used to give me cool stuffs like mascaras, Nail Polishes, cute bracelets, earrings etc adding a modern twist to the tradition.

Avon Astonishing lengths mascara in Brown

Like most of the girls, mascaras are a must have for me and at any point of time you’d find at least three varieties of mascaras in my vanity. I am not into false lashes hence I pay more attention towards enhancing my natural lashes using mascaras.

This one is in brown color which happens to be my favorite color when it comes to mascaras as I feel the black one to be harsh against kohl lined eyes.

I don’t know the exact price for the same but I found that this is priced around $7.00.


It comes in a long bullet shaped mascara barrel in dark bluish grey that is thinner when compared to my Maybelline one. The barrel is factory sealed with skinny transparent wrap. The name of the mascara is written in silver.

The Wand:

The wand is thin and is one and half inch in length with tight set bristles. The bristles feel stiff yet flexible.

Avon Astonishing lengths mascara in Brown applicator

Lot of product gets accumulated in the top part of the wand while picking the product and I find it hard to get rid of the product by scraping the wand in the sides of the opening.

My experience:

The mascara does a very good job in lengthening the lashes. My lashes are not short. They are long enough (I feel) and this mascara made them super long. Like literally touching my brows. I know this is a lengthening one, but I did not expect it to give such length and I was surprised.

Avon Astonishing lengths mascara in Brown EOTD

The mascara’s formula is not as creamy as it seemed on the wand and felt it to be bit dry on my lashes. The wand, being thin and long helps in the application of this mascara in the lashes that are in the corner of my eyes.

As this is not a volumizing one, this does give any such effect. It just lengthens. If you are not having thick lashes, this mascara might make your eyes look funny by making the sparsely set lashes super long.

Avon Astonishing lengths mascara in Brown swatch

It does an average job in separating the lashes and it also clumps a little. I hate clumpy mascaras but as it doesn't clump that bad I am giving it a pass.

The mascara is waterproof and it easily comes off with baby oil.

Let me summarize the pros and cons before declaring my verdict.


1. Lengthens lashes very well.
2. Pretty brown color.
3. Thin wand aids in easy application.
4. water proof.
5. Comes in sealed packing.


1. Clumps a little.
2. Does not aid in separating the lashes.
3. Feels dry.
4. The product gets accumulated in the tip of the wand.


I am happy with this and will use till it gets over or spoiled. I will not repurchase nor recommend because we get better mascaras at lesser price in India.

Hope you girls liked my review.



  1. nice review :) I love Maybelline mascara and I have been using it for sometime now..I find it good!!

    1. Even i am using maybelline mascara's for loooong time.. :) they must come up with brown and transparent one's too

  2. nice review..i also don't like avon mascara ..

  3. nice review...
    i will stay away from it :P

  4. My favourite mascara has to be Oriflame's 'Giordani Gold Supreme Length Mascara', comes at a decent price too.

  5. hi preety.. thanks for commenting.. :) my current favorite is Maybelline Falsies volume.. its awesome.. :)


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