17 Nov 2012

Earring Hanging Stand using cardboard box lids - DIY

Hi Girls,

Happy Weekend huh?? Well, today’s post is going to be a DIY which I did today.

I had lots of ear hangings which I found very hectic to store. When I stored them in boxes, It was difficult when it came to picking the other pair or searching the one's i wanted.

Hence I devised this simple plan to get rid of that problem.

I had lots of unused urban touch box’s lids lying around and I made something useful out of those. (I use the boxes to store my nail polish and bangles. I don’t use the lids).

Things used:

1. Some sturdy cardboard box’s lid. (i used my urban touch one's)
2. Ice cream sticks. (purchased 35 Sticks for Rs. 5/-)
3. Some super glue like fevicol or fevi stick. (I used fevicol Rs. 10/-)
4. Paint brush. (Camlin brush Rs. 15/-)
5 & 6. Some paints and Glitters as per your choice. (i had some at home)
7. Pen or pencil for marking the place for applying the glue.

And of course some cello tapes.


1. Take the cardboard lid and tape the corners so that the box is sturdy.

2. Take adequate ice cream sticks and paste the same as shown in the Image I used 5-6 sticks. Use the pencil or pen to make the markings as where to stick. 

3. Once it is done, create a border using the remaining ice cream sticks so that it looks neat. It should similar to the image below.

4. Let it dry for a minute (depending on the glue you use. Stronger the glue, lesser the time).

5. You can now decorate/color the hanger as desired. Let it dry again.

 And viola.! your earring hanging stand is ready. You can keep it in your dressing table and it does not require any support to make it stand. For me it took 33 sticks to make three earring hangers. (2 small urban touch box lids and one big urban touch box lid).

Note: For wider lids, attach two sticks using glue and tape it. Once dried, you can paint so that the tape is camouflaged.

More photos:

This is how it looks from the back. You can even paste some colorful papers to hide the cello tapes. I just left it as it is as they will not be visible anyways. :P


Hope you liked my simple DIY.

See you all with another post.



  1. Simply sooooperb :-)....and ur collection is extremely cute :-)

  2. wowwww Raji super Idea...I am gonna make like this too... :)
    Ur collections are excellent dear :)

  3. hey it's very innovative :) luv this one.

    1. thanks priya.. its strong and holds all my tough n heavy rock ones too :P

  4. You have a wonderful collections of earrings dear :)
    btw how do you store the stud earrings???

    1. :) i store the ones that do not have stones in plastic boxes with partitions some what like this http://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale/wholesale-plastic-compartment-storage-box.html and i store the stone/costly ones in a velvet jewelry case (can hold upto 12 earrings) which i got for navrathri from my neighbor. :)

  5. Wonderful! So much imagination and creativity!


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