9 Nov 2012

Faces Nail Enamel in Rosy Brown 02 - Review and NOTD

Hi Pretty ladies, 

I did a mini nail polish haul (4 colorama and one faces) and I am getting a few more from orly on Saturday.

And this is going to be a review of the faces one. 

I got the shade Rosy brown from faces as I love the look of n*de/ neutral shades on the nails. I feel that they impart a classy look to the fingers and gives an illusion of longer nails.

The color is a creamy and glossy, light brown with very mild pink in it. It’s a very pretty color and can be worn on any one. And I feel it’s a very good base color for nail arts too.

The formula is thick and in just one coat it imparts a lovely color. However, as I have henna stains on my nails, I gave two coats. The formula though thick, does not dry quickly. You need to give a good 5-10 mins for the polish to dry before embarking on the beautification attempts such as doing an art, using a top coat etc. I kept on ruining and reapplying the nail polish as they smear easily at the slightest disturbance. Speaking of top coats, this actually doesn't need one and it stays on for good 4-5 days with minor chipping in the tips.

As it’s a neutral color, they don’t stain the nails. Overall this range of faces is very good with variety of colors (24 colors to be precise). I personally want to try the white one because, with this formula, they’d make a good tip for French manicures.

And oh yes, they are priced at Rs. 199/- for 12 ml.

See you all with the colorama post and it is raining nail polishes in my blog. YAY…


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  1. Looks Very Preety on your Nailsss....The shade also wow!!!


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