24 Nov 2012

Garnier Fructis Smoothing Serum - Review

Hello pretty ladies,

Nowadays, weekends are the only times where I get to blog in peace. I always prepare drafts or sort out the drafts that have been already prepared in weekends so that I get to publish them during weekdays. Time management is one of the things in which I need to focus more on.

This post is a review of my favorite garnier fructis smoothing serum which I have been using for the past one year.

Price: Rs. 199/- for 100 ml.


Packing and texture:

It comes in a green transparent bottle with a flip cap. The lid fits in well and hence it’s quite travel friendly. The product comes as a runny transparent liquid which has a very mild fragrance. It is not sticky.

 How to use:

Work a small amount of product in hands and apply evenly through damp hair.  Blow dry or style as desired. Can be reapplied throughout the day for added shine and fizz control.
My experience:

I have dry, wavy and thick hair which I am trying to grow out from a layer cut. This serum eased out my tangles, made my hair soft to touch and did not weigh it down. Though it did not eliminate fizz completely, it controlled it to a great extent.  It is not sticky and a coin sized amount is sufficient for my tresses. I never blow dry my hair but I feel that this serum would make the hair look fabulous and shiny when blow dried. But for me, on initial application, for some time my hair seems shiny. Apart from that, I did not see any radiant shine.

I never apply the product near the roots as I am scared of silicon build up. Because of that, I did not experience any hair fall. As this product is not sticky, it does not attract dust or make the hair limp.

The bad side is, it does not make my hair stay put for a whole day and all. Hair looked decent for about 4 hours, post which, though there were no tangles, I was forced to brush.


This is a very good product for daily de-tangling and styling, especially for people whose hair is thick and wavy & i am happy with it. 

Will i repurchase? Yes i will.

My hair: 

PS: My hair looks very controlled in the above picture. I am saying this because I don’t want my readers to think it as a “before” picture. :P 

Hope you gals loved my review..

See ya..



  1. OMG... your hair looks fabulos dear... :) loved it... such a long hairs.... :P touch wood.....
    and yeah nice n detailed review.....
    btw if possible edit the pic on how to use wala... its not very clearly visible.....

  2. Yeah, I find time management really hard, too!
    Wow, you have such long hair! The product looks really good - it's a shame I've never seen it in the UK :L

    1. Girl u should never feel shameful especially having MUA, UD & super drug at your vicinity.!


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