3 Nov 2012

Helen Harper Cotton Pads – Review

Hey Girlies,

I have the habit of using this circular cotton pads for removing my under eye makeup as I read somewhere that using cotton pads for removing makeup in the sensitive under eye areas discouraged the formation of fine lines.

And since then, I used ONLY such cotton pads for removing my eye make up and for applying toner in my face. I used to purchase them from The Body Shop which were priced at around INR. 200-3o0/-. I continued to use that as I was yet to find an alternative.

On my recent visit to the Health and Glow outlet near my home, I spotted this and immediately purchased.

Price: INR 130/- for 120 –pads.

100% cotton.

My experience:

The cotton pads are circular in shape similar to the body shop ones. They effectively remove the makeup. The cotton rounds absorb the toner liquid and baby oil well making the application/removal process very convenient. I at times dip these in rose water and use them to cool my eyes.

Unlike the body shop cotton pads, these seem very firm and the layers do not come apart that easily. As they are firm, I find them to be not as soft as the Body shop ones but soft enough not to irritate the sensitive areas around the eyes.

Just like the body shop ones, they come in long polythene cover with strings below the opening, making it ideal to be stored. But I prefer storing them in separate containers.

Summing up the pros and cons:


1. Very cheap. INR. 130/- only.
2. Good packing.
3. Removes makeup without irritating the skin. I apply baby oil on my skin and wipe off with this pad. It works fine.
4. The layers are compressed well and they do not come off that easily.
5. Ideal for applying toners/rosewater.


1. Not as soft as the Body shop wipes.
2. Availability might be an issue.

Overall it’s a very cheap alternative to the body shop cotton rounds and does the job of removing makeup without irritating the skin well.

I will repurchase this till I find a much better and cheaper option.


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