18 Nov 2012

Lakme Instaliner - Review

Hi Girls,

This post of mine has forever remained in the draft mode. Like ever since I ventured into blogging. It’s also a yet another review post but I don’t personally want to call it a “review”. I want to name it “The mystery of my eyeliner’s brush”. Yup.! Before I don the Nancy Drew outfit, let me tell you that this is about our own (much beloved) Lakme Instaliner.

It is famous as one of the first eyeliners every girl in India would have used before venturing into the big bad (it is addictive right??? And any addiction is bad right??) world of cosmetics.

It was my “first” eyeliner and it even today remains of my most trusted eyeliners. Call it practice. Call it anything. Though I am not an expert at it, I am super comfortable in using this liner. It just takes a minute to line my upper lash line with this. A single swipe - I am all set for my college.

Well, I will talk about it for days together. So let me stop and proceed with the review.

Price: Rs. 75/- for 9 ml.

Comes in a glass bottle with beige colored cap to which our mysterious “brush” or “applicator” is attached.

It is no-nonsense black colored liquid liner. And its water- resistant.

As I told, this is a no-nonsense eyeliner and in my lids, it stays till evening (around 6) with mild disappearances around the inner corners. As they have told, it is water-resistant and it stays on the eyes as long as no one wipes or deliberately removes it with water. It is not water proof. The only draw back with this guy is that, it is not smudge-proof. It you rub your eyes then it might not stay in your lids. I use this ONLY to line my upper lash line as I am yet to learn the art of lining my lower lash lines using a liquid liner.

Now here comes the mystery:

I have been using this for almost 5 years now and what amuses me is, the applicator brush that comes with the liner actually depends on the amount of “luck” you have on the day of purchase. He he…! Yes till now, I have seen its brushes being long-thin, short-thick, un-even and almost in all possible combinations.

I have got three eyeliners with me and you might find the difference in the brushes within the same brand and same product.

Now let me summarize its pros and cons so that my “review” becomes complete.


1. Pretty black color.
2. water-resistant.
3. Stays for a good amount of time as long as you don’t rub your eyes.
4. very convenient to apply.
5. No irritation or tugging. Applicator goes on smooth.
6. easy to erase when wet and this makes correcting mistakes easy.
7. Just Rs. 75/- suitable for college kids.
8. Very easy to create flicks.


1. Mysterious brush syndrome. You can never assure that you will get the same brush on your re-purchase.
2. Not water proof.
3. Takes time to dry. If you flutter your eyes before it dries, the liner is sure to get on your crease.
4. Not smudge-proof.

Irrespective of the con’s, it still remains one of my favorite liners. That said, I would love to have uniformity in the brush so that I am not forced every time to check the brush while shopping. Lakme should pay some more attention to this as this is one of the products that made the brand popular.

Few Swatches:

Have you experienced the same “brush” issues?? Do share in the comment below.



  1. nice review :)
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