22 Nov 2012

Jovees Moisturizer Shea Butter with Fruit Extracts - Review

Hi Ladies,

This is also a winter-friendly post. It’s going to be about a moisturizer that I have found very apt for the winters especially for dry skinned beauties. It is the Jovees Moisturizer with Shea butter and fruit extracts. I was attracted by the word “shea butter” as it has become a special icon with respect to moisturizing products and hand creams.

Jovees Moisturizer Shea Butter with Fruit Extracts Review

This product is priced at Rs. 135/- for 100 g tube.

What Jovees claims:

This hydrating moisturizer with anti-oxidant properties contains among other herbal ingredients, a variety of botanical and fruit extracts, which protects the skin against dehydration & counteracts deficiencies of essential moisture by supporting the skin’s ability to retain moisture. It helps to revitalize and restore balance to dry & stressed skin. An excellent recipe for normal to dry and dry skin.

Method of Use: Wash face preferably with Jovees Starwberry Face wash and apply shea butter moisturizer all over face and neck. Leave on.

Active Ingredients: Shea butter, Apple juice, Grape seed oil, Sandal ext, Peache ext.

There is no mention of full ingredients.

My Experience:

As my face is acne prone, this cream broke my skin out and since then I am using this moisturizer only for my hands and feet as I was looking for a bit heavy moisturizer for the season which was not from dove, nivea, olay and ponds as I have tried them all and wanted to try a different one. Hence in this review i will be reviewing this only from a body moisturizer perspective.

Jovees Moisturizer Shea Butter with Fruit Extracts lid, images and review

This product comes in a tube form with a flip cap that unfortunately did not fit well at all. I am not able to close the cap completely and it kept opening all the time. The moisturizer is white cream and has a heavy fruity fragrance. It is even heavier when I smelled it directly without spreading the cream and I did not like it as I have sensitive nose. It feels heavy and takes a lot of time to get completely absorbed in the skin. And till it gets absorbed, it feels bit oily and once absorbed, it does make the skin feel good and soft.

It does a really good job in keeping them moisturized and soft. Skin remains moisturized for a really long time and the fragrance lingers for an hour or so before disappearing.

Jovees Moisturizer Shea Butter with Fruit Extracts Swatch

Jovees Moisturizer Shea Butter with Fruit Extracts Swatch

Now let me summarize its pros and cons:


1. Highly moisturizing.
2. comes in a tube packing.
3. Nominal Price
4. Keeps skin soft for a long time.


1. nauseating fruity smell.
2. Takes long time to get absorbed.
3. The cap did not close properly in the cream I purchased.
4. Only active ingredients mentioned
5. broke my skin. 


If you are okay with heavy fruity fragrance and if you have dry skin, this moisturizer will do you good. For me it simply did not work. However I am determined to make it work and I am using it on my legs before sleep at nights. J

I will not repurchase this. If you have super dry skin, this is really a good product at a decent price. 

See ya



  1. nice review.... i had a very bad experience with Jovees shampoo and even there rose toner... so me out from jovees :P

  2. ha ha that's sad.. hair is one with which i never "experiment" :)

  3. thank you so much for those kind words sweety.
    Hope to see to back on my blog :)
    have a great day

    1. thank you for visitin my blog jeremiah :)do add me via gfc


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