26 Nov 2012

Konad 2way Nail Art Pen in Black Pearl - Review

Hey there,

How was Monday? Mine went on well. This is a long pending small post and I have used this product a lot of times in my nail arts. Yes this is going to about the Konad 2 way Nail Art pen in Black Pearl.

I got this pen some time back and since then I am in love with this. This has a pen tip and a brush with it. The brush is a typical nail art long thin brush which is ideal for creating thin lines, stripes etc. The pen tip can be used for making free hand designs.

For drawing designs with the pen tip, we need to press the barrel slightly so that the polish comes out from the tip. Surprisingly, it was not hard or messy at all.

They are not stubborn and are easy to remove with a normal remover.

The only con which I found was the polish takes a bit longer to dry. May be that’s because the formula was designed to be a little runny so that designs come out smooth.

All nail art enthusiasts must definitely pick these up as they are so versatile.

Price: Rs. 260/- though some websites offer it at a discount.

Hope you girls liked my short review.



  1. nice review...i love these pens...:)

    1. ya puja, i am also planning to get few more colors shortly. :) btw ur kid looks adorable.

  2. Nice review :)
    me too loving this nail art pen :)


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