13 Nov 2012

LA Girl Nail Revitalizer Review

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Hope you are having a great diwali. As for me, I am having a blast with my dad and mum. Loads of sweets, gifts, dresses and of course, love.

This post is going to be a review of the LA Girl, Nail Revitalizer. I got this product say about 3 months ago when I was sporting long nails. Frequent nail polish application and removal took toll on my nails and made them weak and yellow. Regular baking soda was not just enough to handle the trauma they went through. Hence when I saw this product I bought it.

This was priced at around 300 rupees which was okay when compared to other brand nail strengtheners.

This is a transparent liquid with water like consistency and it dries off fast on application. It does not impart any shine. You will not feel like you have applied something on your nails once it dries apart a mild chemicalish smell that goes off in a while. It is NOT a base coat.

My experience:

I purchased this as I had brittle nails that started breaking off the edges, yellow/dull nails due of frequent nail polish sessions and at times, I even had this problem wherein my nail’s layer started peeling little by little from the middle that required frequent buffing.

It gives a cooling sensation when applied.

I apply it every time I remove my nail polish and every time before I apply my nail polish. I also apply it every day when during myself imposed nail polish breaks. It made my nails bit stronger and I have noticed that my nails break off less often nowadays. It did not “correct” the unevenness of my nail’s and it required buffing. But in continuous usage I did notice a positive change with respect to the said problem as well. It corrected the yellow nails as well.

As I require just a little of that liquid to cover my entire nail, even after using this for almost 3 months on and off only a little quantity have been exhausted. A little goes a long way.

I would like to also add that this liquid is good only if you have such problems due to frequent nail polish application/removal etc. If you have the aforementioned problems due to mal-nutrition or other medical factors, you will not see any change. Our nails are one of the few parts of our body that shows off any health/medical problems immediately. Like, I had this iron deficiency that resulted in hair loss and some weakness. I tried all shampoos and conditioners, without chemicals, with chemicals that this etc in vain. I approached the physician only when I started having mild fainting spells. To my astonishment & dismay, I found that I am suffering from iron deficiency and once my doc put me through some tonics, my hair started becoming healthy. So, if you notice some change in your hair/nail etc without you doing anything that makes them weak, please visit your doc.

With that said, let me summarize the pros and cons for you.

1. Makes nails stronger.
2. If you suffer from brittle nails/un-even nails due to frequent nail polish application and removal, this helps with that too.
3. Helps with yellow nails.
4. Comes in a transparent bottle.
5. Brush is convenient for application.
6. Gives a cooling sensation when applied.
7. Little goes a long way.

1. Does not do any miracle and you need to use it consistently to see results.
2. Will not help for any nail weakness if you have some underlying medical condition as it is just a topical thing.
3. This is not a base coat and I feel it might be very good if it was a base coat as well as a nail Revitalizer.

My final verdict is, this product is worth buying as it has helped my brittle nails to a great extent. My nails do not break as frequently as it used to break in spite of frequent nail polish changes.

Will I repurchase?  It’s a good product. No doubt about it, but if I could find some decent nail Revitalizer/strengtheners & base coat, I’d always prefer that.


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