20 Nov 2012

Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense WhiteningTM Compact - Review

Hi girls,

Hope your weekend went on well. In this post, I am going to review the Lakme perfect radiance Intense Whitening Compact.

Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense WhiteningTM Compact review

Price: Rs. 160/- for 8 grams.


Comes in white compact case with mirror and an applicator.

Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense WhiteningTM Compact Pan closeup, review and swatch

What Lakme claims:

New Lakme Intense whitening compact with SPF 23 with UVA/UVB protection flawlessly blends in to your skin making it look visibly fairer and translucently radiant. It’s unique formula contains

a) Skin brightening Pearls.
b) Multi Minerals.
c) Vitamin B3.
d) SPF 23.

Its oil free, Light weight and suitable for everyday use.

Available in the following six shades.

Ivory Fair 01.
Rose Fair 02.
Golden Medium 03.
Rose Medium 04.
Beige Honey 05.
Rose Honey 06.

I purchased the shade Ivory Fair.

Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense WhiteningTM Compact swatch

My Experience:

I did not like the applicator. It is suitable for dabbing it in and not blending. Hence I use my basic care powder brush for the same.

This compact suited my face & skin tone well. It controlled oil for good 4 hours after which my face started getting oily again.

The shade Ivory fair was good and did not give me the “made-up” look which I hate.

I apply neutrogena moisturizer on my cleansed face and dab this compact on it. It worked fine that way and gave a nice matte look. But, when I used it on top of my foundation, it looked cakey and artificial. Hence, I restrict the use of this compact only for regular purposes. For occasions where I am required to put some make up, I don’t use this.

Apart from this, I did not have any issues like breakouts, irritation, dryness etc from using this product.

As far as the “whitening” claim is concerned, I did not experience any such effect though it did brighten my face temporarily once applied.

Overall, it is a very good product for school and college girls and for people who hate to invest so much money in daily use cosmetics. I would continue to repurchase this or any other variant of the compact from Lakme as I love them for my daily use.

Hope you girls found my review useful.

See ya.



  1. Nice review Raji :)
    I have been using the normal Lakme compact since ages.. din get a chance to change it.....

  2. Very nice compact powder review. My skin is whitish in color so I have to check proper shed for my skin…It is reasonable and very nice product. Good review.

    Joint Replacement India

  3. IS Rose Honey 06 the darkest shade


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