16 Nov 2012

Lotus Herbals Opulence Botanical Eye Liner Review

Hey Girls,

This post is going to be a review of Lotus Opulence Botanical eye liner. The introduction of the pure stay range from lotus bought lots of eyes towards the brand and of course my eyes were one of them too. Till then, I was seeing lotus only as a skin care brand. After the introduction of pure stay range, my eyes fell upon their cosmetic collections as well.

Lotus Herbals Opulence Botanical Eye Liner

After having good experience with their under eye cream and foundation, I purchased this eyeliner. Read on to know about my experience with this eyeliner.

It is a liquid liner and is priced at Rs. 195/- for 4 gm.

Lotus claims that the liner is water proof and ultra-smooth with

·    Almond Oil : Excellent emollient & nourishing properties which is a Natural source of Vitamin E.
·         Camphor : Cooling effect on eyes.

My experience:


The eyeliner comes in a small bottle with felt tip applicator. The liner bottle is so small and as the bottle is not made of glass, it weighs less too.


I felt applying a thin line on the lower lash line was somewhat comfortable with this applicator. Apart from that it was quite disappointing because I was not at all comfortable in using the applicator on my upper lash line. I have read a lot of times that the felt tip applicators are very useful for drawing pretty lines but I found this applicator too stubborn to draw lines. It tugged on my eyelids and I was not able to get a smooth application at all.

Lotus Herbals Opulence Botanical Eye Liner Applicator


It comes off as a black watery liquid. Once applied it dries off super quick. The liner, as it is not even a little creamy, makes application of flicks very tedious. I was forced to draw small small lines and connect them just as they say in the tutorials. I being a liquid liner girl all my life found working with such a formula very annoying.  

Lotus Herbals Opulence Botanical Eye Liner  Swatch

After 3-4 hours the eyeliner kind of dried and started getting cracks at random places and started falling off. When I checked my face at 1 PM at office, I was so embarrassed because the liner in my right eye had fallen off 50% and on my left eye it was getting the cracks.

I removed it easily with my wipes after splashing a little water on my eyes. The wipes were general wet wipes and not the makeup removing ones.

You might notice in the swatch that the lines have come so haggard and un even.
Lotus Herbals Opulence Botanical Eye Liner on my eyes

As I do not have much to say about this liner, I would directly proceed to list out its pros and cons.


1. Travel friendly bottle. (Not made of glass).
2. The felt tip was somewhat comfortable in drawing thin lines in the lower lash line.
3. Contains Camphor and Almond oil.


1. Eyeliner’s applicator was not comfortable for drawing lines and flicks. I was not able to draw a continuous line.
2. Eyeliner cracks and falls off after some time which is very disappointing.
3. Not water proof as it can be easily removed with water or wet wipes.
4. Very costly considering the performance.

In short, this one was a great disappointment to me and lotus needs to do something about this eyeliner especially when it’s getting all positive reviews about its other products.

Will I repurchase or recommend??

No never.! 



  1. Nice Review dear when I started reading it I thot It will be a good eye liner later u disappointed me hehehe....any way :)

  2. Lotus cosmetics are not of good quality usually. Thanks for the review dear <3


    1. Thanks for stoppin by megha. but some how i am liking their purestay foundation.. its good.! but this one is BAD.. :)


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