30 Nov 2012

Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Lipstick in Crimson Red - Review

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In this post I am going to review my first and probably last red lipstick. Though I love and drool at red lipsticks, I am a sufferer of Red lips Phobia. Somehow I am not confident to sport that color.

I gave to my temptation and bought a budget red lipstick from Lotus Herbals called Crimson Red. Read on to know more how I found it to be.

Price: Rs. 245/- for 4.2 grams.

About:  PURE COLOR™ is a 100% vegetarian range of moisturizing lip colours available in 22 rich, sophisticated shades including peaches, pinks and nutty browns.

Active Ingredients: Enriched with the botanical extracts of Aloe Vera and Jojoba.

There are about 30 shades from this range.

Packing: The lipstick comes in a pale beige color case with golden lettering. I personally don’t find the packing attractive. The gold and beige combo makes it dull. The cap fits quite well making it safe for carrying in handbag.

Color: Bright Red Color that appears with a strong tinge of orange under flash.


I have heard lot of beauty gurus saying that “your” red lipstick should make your teeth whiter. Well this made my teeth whiter and my complexion brighter. I never thought I will look good in a red lipstick. When I took pictures of it with flash I was completely swooned. It looked so diva.

I wore it at my home for a celebration. Though it looked nice, I found it difficult to carry such a bright color. I will never ever in this life and in any more lives to come will be able to sport such a bright divasque red. I don’t have the confidence to carry it off. L

The color pay off was very good. Just in one swipe I could get enough color to cover my lips. The lipstick feels luscious, moisturizing and glides on easily. You can very well skip your lip balm under this. Due to its creamy nature it transfers a lot and lasts around 3-4 hours with mild fading. As it’s a dark shade, when it fades it leaves an obvious red tint behind.

As it’s so creamy, I felt it a little difficult to apply it directly from the bullet as I was not getting a perfect application and the color was getting all over my skin. So I used a lip brush to apply it at the corners. It came out well.

Another con which I felt is the bullet is so creamy that I feel it will break soon. Hence I store it in my refrigerator.


Now Summing up their pros and cons.


1. Very beautiful and bright red.
2. Moisturizing and creamy lipstick.
3. Pocket friendly.
4. In spite of being a creamy lipstick it lasts long and leaves a pretty tint.
5. Travel friendly packing.

1. Transfers a lot.
2. bullet feels so creamy and fragile.

Verdict: This is one bright attention grabbing lipstick. If you are comfortable in sporting such  bright red 's without burning a hole in your pocket then this lipstick is for you. As for me, I’d tone it down by wearing it in the form of tint.

Highly recommended.


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  1. i somehow have no affection towards lipsticks.. but i love glosses and balm.. :P
    btw nice review :)


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