14 Nov 2012

Maybelline Baby Lips Color in Berry Crush and Coral Flush - Review, Swatch and LOTD

Hello ladies,

I finally got my Maybelline Baby Lips Color in Berry Crush and Coral Flush. I got it just because I wanted to try these as they were getting great reviews. I am a lip balm girl and I love tinted ones very much as I find them more suitable for my office as I prefer lip balms to lipsticks for daily use.

Maybelline Baby Lips Color in Berry Crush and Coral Flush review, swatch and LOTD

These are priced at Rs. 150 each and come in a nice packing.

They claim to moisturize the lips for 6 hours and come with SPF 16 for sun protection.

As they are already spoken about widely, I am not going to list down the ingredients list and other information in full apart from a special mention that I have not found the word paraben printed on it. (did i miss it? i threw the packing before i could read twice)

Maybelline Baby Lips Color in Berry Crush and Coral Flush Packing

Maybelline Baby Lips Color in Berry Crush and Coral Flush Review, swatch and LOTD

Any ways if you want to know about the product in detail, which is always good, please check here.

Berry Crush:

It’s a pretty rose tinted lip balm which I would claim to be one of the brightest tint apart from the Cherry & Rose red Lip balm from Lip smooth range. It looked very pretty on lips.

Coral Flush:

It is an orange tinted lip balm. The tint, if looked brighter on my lips, would have been the most flattering one of all shades. But unfortunately, the tint is almost non-existent in my moderately pigmented lips. Hence I skipped the lips swatch for this.

Apart from the difference in colors, both the lip balms stayed on my lips for around 3 hours after which it requires re-application. They moisturize the lips decently. Application, just like the Lip Smooth range is good as the texture is neither too creamy nor too hard. Apart from the SPF 16 I am not able to find any difference between this Baby Lips Color range and the Lip Smooth range. Both seemed more or less the same apart from the SPF claim.


Maybelline Baby Lips Color in Berry Crush and Coral Flush Swatch

Berry Crush on my lips:

Maybelline Baby Lips Color in Berry Crush on my lips

Let me put down the pros and cons I felt.


1. I like the packing.
2. Pretty girly designs.
3. Tint looks good for berry crush.
4. Decent miniaturization.
5. Texture is good. Glides smooth on lips.
6. SPF 16.


1. 6 hour claim doesn't seem to work for me.
2. Tint is not at all visible for Coral Flush.
3. Priced at Rs. 150/-

Over all, it’s a nice tinted lip balm just like the other tinted balms from maybelline. Apart from that, I am really not able to understand the whole Baby Lips thing.

Will I repurchase?

I would purchase berry crush once i have finished this one for the mild tint it gives.

Will i recommend?

Not for girls who are not interested in the tint color as other balms from maybelline are equally good. I have not felt anything special about this.

See you all with another post.



  1. Nice and detailed review Raji :)
    even i got one for mysellf 2days ago.. i brought Mango pie.. i'm loving it... :) will come up wid its review shortly :)

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