9 Nov 2012

Maybelline Colorama - Coral Chic, Roxo Metalico, Verde Palmeira, Glitter Prata and Vinho Reserva: Review

Hello Pretty girls,

I met with an accident today. L Sad part - it hurts and the happy part, its’ not serious and I get a day off to do blogging. J As I said in my previous post, this post is going to be about the Colorama Range of Nail Paints.

I need not tell much about this range as everyone would have used the nail paints from this affordable range.

Priced at Rs. 100/- (some shades are priced at Rs.90/-) these nail paints have hardly disappointed me. I am going to review some five shades of this nail paint from my collection.

They are, Roxo Metalico, Vinho Reserva, Glitter Prata, Verde Palmeira and Coral chic.

They come in 8 ml transparent bottles with white/silver grey cap. The applicator brush, though thin picks up the right amount of nail paint. I like it.

Let’s move on to the review.

What Maybelline says about this:

Why you’ll Love It:

·         High-gloss nail color with 5 day wear!
·         Combine a visually stunning palette of pigments, pearls and glitters.
·         It’s the ultimate accessory that transforms your look from day to night, fun to funky and classic to daring…in a flash!

Expert Tip

With one sweep, paint the first line of nail polish up the center of your nail starting from the base to the tip. For the cleanest look, be sure to leave a small space at the base of the nail. Then apply color to the rest of the nail with additional sweeps of polish on each side of the original line. Let your nails dry before applying a second coat.

Comes in 26 shades.

Now moving on to the colors I have.

Coral chic: Glossy Finish.

It’s a pretty coral shade with very minute and almost negligible gold shimmers. The gold shimmers are not obvious and they enhance the coral color in a very gorgeous way. Though not very sheer, it required three coats to show the color properly. Takes time to dry.

Roxo Metalico: Metallic finish

It’s a double shade kind of color in purple with minute blue shimmer and blue undertones and it appears blue under some lights. Needs two coats to fully cover the nail and give a rich color. Dries super fast.

Vinho reserve: Glossy Finish.

Dark maroon color that looks almost black. It looks very vampy on nails and if u has loooong nails you can rock this shade. Takes 3 -5 min’s to completely dry.

Verde Palmeira: Glossy Finish.

Beautiful green shade. Covers the nail completely in 2 coats. Takes time to dry.  

Glitter Prata: Glitter.

This is one of my favorite nail colors. The Silver glitters are so fine and thickly packed that when applied, gives a very even coverage. When applied over a beige/white base, it gives a superb sparkling effect. Love this shade. In the swatch I have worn it over beige nail paint. Surprisingly, it dried off soon too.

All these colors, despite being so pocket friendly, give extremely satisfying results too. Colorama has become my new street ware.  I am going to try all the shades from their collection soon..!

Highly recommended.

Now enjoy the pictures and I got two earrings from boimela.in 

See you all in another post.. bubbai...


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