11 Nov 2012

Maybelline Vivid & Smooth Liner in Bordeaux Pearl.

Hi Ladies,

As I am new to this whole eye makeup thing, I am so eager to learn them with cheap, pocket friendly products. I don’t want to buy some costly palette and end up not knowing to use it.

In line with this, I got myself a Maybelline Vivid and Smooth Liner in Bordeaux Pearl. This is going to be my review of the same with a simple EOTD.

This Pencil is priced at Rs. 200/- and come in eleven gorgeous shades. 

The liner, as u can see is in pencil form and the texture is extremely creamy. As it’s creamy, it never tugs the eyes and aids in easy application. The eyeliner comes with a plastic cap that’s too feeble.

The Color of this liner is pinkish color that at times looks like a subtle purple with fine shimmer. This color is very apt for people like me who are new to make up as it would never look clownish (as long as you use it on your nose).
This color would look good on all skin tones and is very classy.

Again, due to its super creamy nature, this color can be used as a liner, as an eye shadow and as an eye shadow base too. I personally prefer it more as an eye shadow and as an eye shadow base. It did not smudge/crease/settle into the lines like the elle18 eye sparkler one.

When I applied it, I noticed how fast it sets and once set’s it stays for good 5 hours in my lids post which i removed it myself. (I do not have oily lids).

The only problem I have with this one is, when it fades, that is, after a long time, the shimmer is left behind. But its okay with me considering all the plus this one has.

Now, let me sum up its pros and cons.

1. Beautiful color.
2. Creamy Texture.
3. Can be used as eyeliner, eye shadow and as an eye shadow base.
4. Sets quickly and does not smudge as long as you don’t take efforts to smudge it.
5. All these just for Rs. 200/-

1. Leaves shimmer behind.
2. Cap is loose.
3. No shade name mentioned on the pencil.
4. Needs to be sharpened.

In short, I love this liner and I am sure that each one of you will be having at least one of these. If not, it’s a must have.!

I have created my version of festive look using this liner. Hope you girls like it.

See you all in another post.



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