28 Nov 2012

Street wear® Crystal Shine Face brightener with SPF 15 – Review.

Hey beauties,

This post is going to be a review about the Street Wear Crystal Shine Face Brightener with SPF 15.

Street wear Crystal Shine Face brightener with SPF 15 review and swatch

I have always been curious about face brighteners and hence when I saw this at the market I grabbed it.

Street wear Crystal Shine Face brightener with SPF 15 pump dispenser

Packing:  Mauve colored tube with a pump dispenser. This happens to be my first product with the tube + pump dispenser combination.  It also comes with a transparent plastic lid that seems to be made of one cheap plastic. It cracked and now does not fit properly with my tube. It keeps falling off.

Street wear Crystal Shine Face brightener with SPF 15 claims, review, pictures and swatches

Street wear Crystal Shine Face brightener with SPF 15 is priced at Rs. 390/-

Shades available: Peach Shine & Ivory Shine.

I got ivory shine as I found peach shine bit dark.

My Experience:

As I told you, my curiosity towards face brighteners prompted me into buying this one. This is of bit runny texture and when I swatched in on my hand I was like “oh no glitters.!” The so called light reflecting crystals looked like super fine glitters on my hand. Since then I kept it locked in my vanity and never took it out. After accidentally stumbling on a decent review of this product at a blog, I tried it out on my face. It looked very good.

They don’t look like glitters on my face and gives a really nice sheen. It smells very pleasantly and it did not make my face breakout or did not make it look super oily.

Nowadays I use it in two ways. I mix it with my foundation and dab it all over my face and secondly I use it to highlight certain areas of my face and it works well. Though it did not impart any “glow” on my face, it did give it a nice sheen.

If used in large quantities, it may look oily. Hence care should be taken whilst using this directly onto your face.

Street wear Crystal Shine Face brightener with SPF 15 swatch

Street wear Crystal Shine Face brightener with SPF 15 swatch

Let me summarize its pros and cons


1. Convenient pump dispenser.
2. Gives a nice sheen to the face and brightens it.
3. Nice fragrance.
4. Did not irritate my skin.
5. Can be used to highlight specific areas as well.


1. The cap is very feeble.
2. Only two shades available.
3. Not for oily skin.

Overall it is a decent product and i am happy with it. Recommended if you do not have oily skin or else the "sheen" would make your face look super oily.

 Have you tried any face brighteners lately? If so do share your experience. 



  1. nice review...i have never used these but now i will try...:)

    1. try it pooja.. i heard the one face brightner from revlon is much better than this.. i am eyeing that

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    1. following you back toothfairy. :)thanks for following me :)

  3. Nice review.Right now I don't have a single liquid highlighter in my collection.... i have normal to dry skin i think i should try it:)


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