23 Nov 2012

Week End Nail Art - “beige and black free style”

Hey Girls,

This is going to be a quick nail art with beige and black. I have named it as the “beige and black free style”. I wanted some design on my regular n*de nails just to spice them up a little and came up with this one. And again I am a novice with respect to nail art so there will be lots of blunt lines, smudges here and there etc. so please bear with me. :P

I used Faces Rosy Brown 02 as a base color and used the Konad 2 way nail art pen to draw the designs/pattern on my nail. It took a long time to dry and after that I sealed it with Lakme Clear glass. Hope you guys like it.



  1. Hey Raji.. this looks amazing...
    this is the same nail art na which is shown on the outer cover of the nail art pen :P i loved it... i tried it yesterday.. but could not take pics :P hahhahaha... will try it out again n take pics ;)

    1. ya dear the lines are sum what like that.. it looked more complicated.. :P i need longer nails for them..and thank huh

  2. Love the nail art! That base colour is so pretty :) http://www.prettylittlethings7.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. ya even i love the base color.. its a classy nude..


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