24 Nov 2012

Weekend Nail Art - Violets and Lines

Hi ladies,

This is my weekend Nail Art which I have named Violets and Lines.. J I should have very well named it as “Mum said study and I did this” as I did this in the middle of my study sessions. 

I did this with Colorama’s Roxo Metalico, Lakme’s French base, Lakme’s Clear Glass and again my nail art pen from konad. The vertical line in the middle gives an illusion of longer nails. J

 Enjoy the pictures girls while I rush off to complete my industrial relations law paper. L

oh yeah btw, my mum is a sweet lady who thinks her daughter is still a baby and babies/pampers me a lot and i enjoy it too. (i know its weird especially at my 23rd year.) :P :P  

See ya..



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