9 Dec 2012

Hiphop Instant Nail Polish Remover Wipes - Review


I bought a pack of nail polish remover wipes few days back as I felt the idea of instant removal cool.

I bought a pack from hiphop skin care which is famous for their facial wax strips. One pack that consists of 30 instant nail polish wipes costs Rs.100/-.

What the Company Claims:

Hiphop wipes are easy and effective way to remove nail polish while also conditioning the cuticles. The formula is ACETONE Free and will not dry or damage your nails. One wipe is enough for 10 nails.


Moisten all painted nails with remover and wipe one by one with the same. Close the container immediately. Wash your hands before touching plastics, mobiles, spectacles etc.

Amyl Acetate, Diethylene Glycol, Butoxyethanol, Butyrolactone, Citronelle oil, Lemon oil, Glycerin, Castor oil, Vitamin E.

Please keep away from Children. DO not touch the wipes on plastics, mobiles, spectacles etc.

Close container immediately.

No mess No hassle.

I am going to directly speak of its merits and demerits instead of a length my experience and a summarized pros and cons.


1. One wipe is really sufficient for removing nail polish from ten nails.
2. Removes multiple coats and glitters with same ease.
3. The Container lid is screw type and fits well making it suitable for travel.
4. They have provided a tweezers kind of thing that aids in picking just one wipe easily.
4. Smells wonderful. I have never smelt a polish remover like this one.
5. Said to contain Vitamin E.
6. Doesn't dry out the cuticles.
7. Acetone free.
8. Pocket friendly.
9. Two year expiry period.


1. The wipes are very soggy. They are drenched with the remover.
2. Fingers feel sticky after using this prompting for a hand wash.


Very good product suitable especially during travels where we will not be able to carry remover and cotton’s separately. If you can with stand the stickiness, this is highly recommended as it removes even heavy glitter with a single wipe.

I will repurchase and keep one pack of this all the time for removing heavy polishes and glitter.

Packing: Very Good.
Quality: Very Good.
Price: Good.

See you all with another post.

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  1. Wowww What a wonderful review dear...and I am planning to buy this one.... :)

  2. Wow, I definitely need to try this! I can't believe one wipe is enough for 10 nails :O Every time I take off my nail polish I go through 3-4 of those ! Great post

    1. yes plt... its actually so soggy that it has so much product to remove paints from ten fingers :P

  3. heyyaaa
    even i have this :)
    its an awesome product :D

  4. hey nice review dear :) wanna search this product now :) thanks for the review <3

  5. when i first bought it from urban touch it cost me rs 60 only and suddenly they hyped its cost.Recently i found its dupe in my local market it is very good like this one but very cheap (rs 30 for 32 wipes).....btw nice review...it is indeed a very nice product..:)


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