26 Dec 2012

Natural Vitality by Adidas Eau De Toilette - Review

Hey girlies,

Natural Vitality by Adidas Eau De Toilette

This is going to be a review of my very first purchased perfume. It is an eau de toilette. (weak perfume) from Adidas named as natural vitality. It is by Coty.
Natural Vitality by Adidas Eau De Toilette

The bottle: (As described by adidas here)

A tall and sleek bottle for graceful femininity and easy handling.
The name of the fragrance is colorfully and boldly printed on the glass for a touch of modernity.
A trendy and colorful bright purple pack with a playful pink dégradé in a bold design for character and fun.

My Opinion on the bottle: I like the bottle a lot and the purple color adds brightness to any dull day. The cap fits in perfectly making it safe for carrying around.


Natural Vitality by Adidas Eau De Toilette

The formula is as follows (from adidas website):

Top notes: Playful vitality of juicy lychee and sparkling hint of tomato leaves.
Heart notes: Perfect balance of floralcy and femininity with the vivid fruitiness of watermelon and the lushness of osmanthus and lotus flower.
Base notes: Positive energy of soft woods and smooth musk.


Natural Vitality by Adidas Eau De Toilette Ingredients

Natural Vitality by Adidas Eau De Toilette Price

My Experience:

I was told by the SA that the perfume will last upto 8 hours. As I do not suffer from body odor and as I believe that using deodorants on my under arm area makes them darker, I never buy or use them. I dab some scented talc after bath and that takes care for the day.

This perfume has been my favorite and I am using it almost regularly since my purchase.   

The perfume stays on almost 5-6 hours on me. It does not have the “making heads turn” fragrance but has a very mild, soothing and relaxing scent. I have sensitive nose and hate strong musky scents. I tend to get head ache but this mild musk (base note) is very mild and I have been receiving compliments.

It starts off with a strong fruity lychee fragrance and settles for a more stable flowery scent. The flowery scent remains for almost 5-6 hours on me. The best part of the fragrance is, when it leaves, it does not leave the typical residual deep musk scent which I hate. It leaves a mild flowery scent with mildly musky tones that is not at all headache inducing.

This perfume makes me feel fresh. And it is ideal for office goers and mild perfume lovers like me.

Oh yeah, the perfume does not sting my skin. (I have sensitive skin and most of the scents sting my skin) and I did not notice any darkening of skin on my underarm area either.

This is a good start up perfume for people who are new to perfume’s and still want to buy one. As I mentioned earlier, this fragrance is NOT strong and people cannot smell your fragrance if they are more than 2 feet.

I wish to try out their other variants before re-purchasing this.

Highly recommended.
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