20 Dec 2012

Orange Nails with Black Tips - A Simple Manicure

Hello girls,

I wanted a dark contrast mani and I ended up doing this. As someone said, at times, less is more. This is one simple mani that anyone could try. And, there is one more highlight to this mani and it is, the items used to create this mani are just under Rs.500/- and are easily available in India.

It is ideal for nail art newbies like me. I used the following to create this simple and neat mani.

Colorama Laranja Citrico - Base
Colorama Intenso Black – Tip
Lakme Clear glass – Top Coat
Konad nail tip guide or some tapes

I read a trick or two about creating a perfect tip. They are,

1. Applying a top coat on the base coat before applying the tips: I questioned this myself. Anyways we are going to apply top coat once everything is done. In that case why now?? This application comes in handy when the tip gets a little messy. You can dip a q tip in remover and clean the mess without worrying about erasing the base color. The Top coat which is transparent will be like an invisible shield and will make sure the base color doesn't go off too soon.

2. Use separate guides or tapes for each and every finger. At times I get very lazy/frugal and end up using the same tips for every finger. It just results in messy lines.

3. If you are using a tape instead of a guide, stick it onto your skin multiple times before using them on your nails as the glue in the tapes will be strong enough to rip the base color off.

4. If you are so scared to stick anything on your nail then our old rubber bands come handy. Just put the rubber band on your nail just leaving the tip exactly where you want it to be and paint them.

5. Last but not the least, q-tips. We all believe that clean manicure looks the best. The beauty of the intricate designs gets totally spoiled if the nails looks messy with polishes in the skin, cuticles etc. For that dip a q-tip in remover and slowly remove the excess.

Hope you girls enjoyed this post and pls do share some tips in the comments below.

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