25 Dec 2012

Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Blush Review

Hi Girls,

I had a small party to attend. I did a green with black smokey eye look and wore a nice muted lipstick with it. In this post, I am going to review the lipstick I wore and share with you all the eye makeup I did.

Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Blush Review and Swatch

Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Blush Review


It is priced around Rs.550-600/-. i forgot the exact price :(

Color and Texture:

It is a mild pink with mild peachy undertones.
The texture is creamy. It is so creamy that it will emphasize all rough patches on your lips.


It comes in a classy and sturdy black plastic case with the name Revlon in silver. The color is indicated in the top portion of the cap making it easier to locate the lipstick. The pack is travel friendly.

My experience:

I bought this shade for my dark eye looks. And, it fits the bill perfectly. Though it might wash out if applied more than two swipes on lips, I love this shade very much. The lipstick, as I said earlier is way too creamy. In spite of its creamy texture, I don’t find it to be moisturizing. I feel my lips get dry after an hour or so.

The lipstick might not show up on heavily pigmented lips. It has a sheer finish and to get a full coverage, it needs three thick swipes. Again, I find more than two swipes washing me out and hence I prefer to wear it sheer.

It stays on my lips only for approx 3 hours and when it leaves, it disappears completely.

Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Blush Review and swatch


Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Blush Swatch

Now, its pros and cons:

1. Classy shade. Looks perfect for dark eye make ups and a casual day out.
2. Creamy texture and glides on easily on lips.
3. Travel friendly packing.
4. Does not feel heavy on lips.
1. Pricey.
2. Not pigmented enough.
3. Tends to emphasize imperfections if the lips are not properly exfoliated.
4. Might melt if not stored in a refrigerator 
5. Will wash out dusky and dark skinned girls.

Though pricey, they have some excellent shades for creamy lippy lovers. I bought this lippy only for its classy shade and I am satisfied with it. There are few more interesting shades in their range and I would love to try the coral one next.

Hint: if the corners of your lips are pigmented, apply foundation/concealer on them to neutralize the color and then apply the lippy. It really helps.

Hope you girls loved it.

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  1. Awww LOved your Etod Taji But where is the LOTD ?? i have super pigmented lips so i think i have to stay away in this shade :(

    1. thanks dear... lotd is a sad story... i instead of opening the file to watermark, deleted it. aduvum shift delete :(

  2. Very nice color and i really liked the EOTD..:)

    1. awww niesha i feel flattered to get the comment frm u.. thank u :)

  3. hey nice EOTD dear .. love it <3
    btw u have gorgeous eyes :)

  4. nice eotd dear.want to see a lip swatch too with this lippie :)

  5. beautiful shade :) and lovely EOTD :)

  6. Hi Rajalakhsmi, I just stumbled on your site today. This is a very nice review. The revlon colourburst lipstick range is just fantastic. There is one more color which is apt for daily office wear. You can check out the reviews at: www.brideeveryday.com/revlon-colorburst-lipstick-rosy-nude-065

    1. thank u for stoppin by Shailly.. will check it out.. :)


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