23 Dec 2012

The Body Shop Brazil Nut Define & No Fizz - Review

Hello ladies,

Today I am posting this long pending review of The Body Shop’s Brazil Nut define & no Fizz hair cream.

My hair is medium and has wavy-curly texture. Initially I wanted to straighten it but as I grew I realized that wavy hair, for that matter any natural hair looks prettier that chemically treated ones. Knowing that I wanted to embrace my waves, i started procuring products that tamed them.

In that way, and after seeing great changes in my hair since I started using the rainforest moisture shampoo, I went to their shop with 10u and got this.

Packing: The product comes in a tube from with a flip top lid that shuts in well making it travel friendly. The product is of creamy-runny texture and it comes out easily without making us squeeze the tube with all our might.

Price: Rs. 750/- for 100 ml.

The product has got a very pleasant fragrance to it that does not linger long.

My experience:

Well, if you see a “smoothens and defines curls for dry/fizzy hair” from the none other than our celebrated body shop, and if you have a hair like mine, you are bound to fall for it. Right? I did the same thing and this product is a complete waste of money. It did not define my curls or eliminate/reduce fizz for that matter. My martrix biolage serum controlled fizz well than this product.

Yes it somewhat smoothened my hair instantly on application and that’s it. After a few minutes my hair was back to its rough and fizzy state that too with a new vigor.

The product did not help me with detangling also.  

The product felt a little heavy on my hair and I feel that I am forced to wash my hair every alternate day’s instead of twice in a week when I use this product.


The pros of this product are,

1. Travel friendly packing.
2. Good fragrance.
3. smoothened hair instantly on application.

Whereas the cons are,

1. Made my dry hair even drier and unmanageable.
2. Did not do anything to control my fizz.
3. Weighs hair down.
4. Does not help with detangling the hair.
5. Does not define my curls.

Rating in a scale of 5: 1/5

Will I recommend: Yes to my enemy who has some fizz less gorgeous curls. J

Will I repurchase: No. my matrix and garnier ones are far better.

Do you girls know any nice product for wavy hair that controls fizz and defines curls? If so pls let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Seems it is a total waste product Raji....Try some Home Remedies :)

  2. was really excited to read ur review....:/ however this product is a total waste:)

    1. ya... i got it when i was running short of funds.. :( 750 waste

  3. Nice review Raj, what a waste the product is :(

  4. Nice review. Sorry to know it didn't work.


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