18 Jan 2013

ADS Perfect Eye & Lip Liner in 001- Review

A big “HI” to all my gorgeous friends

Today I am going to review the cheapest eyeliner pencil in my stash. I got this eyeliner out of sheer curiosity. It is from a brand called ADS known for their cheap nail polishes and eye shadows.

The shop had this liner in all possible colors and I chose black as I never get tired of them. 

Looks: The pencil comes with a cap that has an inbuilt sharpener which sharpens pretty well.

I paid Rs. 25/- for one and honestly did not have any expectations at all.

Pigmentation: Though it wasn't the blackest pigmentation, it was pretty decent. 

Texture: It was creamy enough to help the pencil glide easily on the lids.  No tugging or dry swipes like the cheapo pencils.

Staying Power: It stayed 4 hours on my lids which I did not expect at all. I thought this pencil will be gone from my lids and carried my trusted colossal kajal with me and I was so surprised when I saw this pencil intact after 3 hours of application.

Now coming to the downside

Water and Smudge resistance:  Though it was written that the pencil is water proof, it does not withstand water at all. It comes off easily. It is very smudge prone. One accident swipe on the eyes is enough to the get the color all over the lids. I do not rub my eyes or for that matter touch them. So it was not a big issue for me.

Swatch and Smudge Test:

Smudged with fingers after 2 mins of application:

On my eyes:

And, for 25rs I am not able to bring myself to try this on my waterline. Though it did not hurt or sting my eyes when I tried it for the swatch picture, I removed it immediately.

Duplicate alertThis brand has lots of duplicates in the market. I am not too sure if this was an original ADS or not. Well, as far as the working dept is concerned it works fine.

As a lip liner: By the texture of it, I think it might perform well as a lip liner but as I bought black I resisted the temptation to try it. :P


I am going to get all the colors. YAY.! Hope you girls loved the review. Will but the pack today and post the swatches. 

Recommended if you can get the original one. 

Love you all.

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  1. Wowwww sounds good...Get for me some dear pls :)

    1. i will go to d shop today rads. will check n let u know. <3

  2. It so pigmented. I have an eyeshadow kit that my cousin gave me from ADS and that was good..
    I want to try them too, seems great at the price na.:)

  3. looks pigmented and for rs 25 a decent product


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