20 Jan 2013


Hello Girls,

I was supposed to post this post yesterday but somehow ended up forgetting all about it. I went to the shop which stocked ADS pencils to get them in more colors. Unfortunately all the bright shades like green and blue were sold out and I ended up checking some other brands called Davis also priced at Rs. 25/-.

They had colors like oranges and reds and I bought three colors to try them up as my lip liner.

They are just like the ADS pencil in quality and other aspects but the pigmentation is much better. I love these pencils so much. I tried them on my lip balm and they stayed for about 4 hours. They have a smooth and creamy texture and I did not have any problems applying them. In fact they are much better in texture than the lakme perfect definition lip liners. 

Verdict: Praying God that the shop should restock these in more colors.

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  1. WOwww I need them immediately Raji :)

  2. hi rajalakshmi, i use the davis lip liner. am using this since 5-6yrs...it stays on our lips for much longer time....:)

    1. thank u for commenting.. :) here we dont get them easily and if we do, there is no surety that it will be original :) same for ADS and VOV

  3. Where can I buy one


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