5 Jan 2013

Harini Herbals Herbal Mixed Pimples Care Pack - Review

Hi girlies,

I was MIA for a while. Official commitments held me away from all recreational activities. And, more than that, I have my exams for MBL coming up in a few months and I have not even dusted the books.

Okay! let me stop my blabbering now and start my post.

This post is going to be about a pimple pack I purchased from Harini Herbals. As I have told time and again, I have pimple prone sensitive skin and I get breakouts every time I try a new product restricting my explorer skills.

My skin had lost its glow due to hectic work schedules and one two pimples were cropping up here and there prompting me to get this pack on my mum’s insistence. My mother is a big fan of herbal products and she even made a bath powder and shikakai at my home once.

So here goes the review.

Name: Harini Herbals Mixed Pimples care Pack.

Ingredients are pretty impressive:

Price: Rs 125/- for 50 g.

My Experience:

I mixed a teaspoon of the pack with banjaras rose water and the quantity was more than enough to cover my face and neck. As I am scared of using herbal packs in large quantities I used only a thin coat. The powder smelt somewhat similar to gulkand. (Mixture of rose petals with honey. Sweet smell but not pleasant)

I was advised to use it once a week and when I applied it for the first time, I already had a fresh pimple coming up on my face. I thought this pack will make it heal faster which unfortunately it did not do.

The pack made my skin clearer and helped drastically with my black and white heads around my nose. (which I honestly didn't expect) and since I started using it, I did not get any fresh breakouts though it did nothing to my existing pimple.

The pack is surprisingly not drying and there is no stinging sensation or stretchy feeling during/post application.

Due to its coarse texture, it also helps in scrubbing off dead skin and it did not break out my super sensitive skin.


In just two sessions, I can see my facial skin getting clearer and glowing. People around me are noticing the difference and complimenting as my face was at its dullest best in the past few days.

Let me now summarize the pros and cons.


1. Made of 100% pure herbal ingredients.
2. Improves complexion and imparts glow.
3. Discourages fresh breakouts. 
4. Does not irritate sensitive skin.
5. Does marvels for black and white heads.
6. No stinging sensation when applied.
7. No stretchy feeling.
8. Pocket Friendly.


1. Does not help existing breakouts heal faster.
2. Though not overpowering, I did not like the smell.
3. Takes more time than 15 mins to dry completely.
4. As it does not contain any preservatives, care should be taken while storing and must be used quickly.

Overall it is a very decent face pack for sensitive skin and helps in discouraging pimples. I will not categorize it as the “best” pack as it does nothing to help heal existing breakouts faster.

Highly recommended for sensitive skin beauties and I might repurchase after trying their  other packs. 

Hope you girls like my review.

If you want to check out their range, you can visit their website here.

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