30 Jan 2013

Jovees Foot Cream and Scrub - Review

Hi Girls,

This post is going to be about a multi-purpose foot cream i happened to find lately. It is Jovees Foot Cream and Scrub.

I found it at the H&G store and as i loved the concept, i immediately purchased it. 

Price: Rs.75/- for 60 gm tube.


Method of use & Active Ingredients:

The Cream comes in a white tube with a flip cap packing. The flip cap shuts pretty well making it travel friendly.

The texture of the cream is thick enough to provide a smooth application. The cream is of pale pink color and is embedded with dark pink beads. The cream did not feel oily or greasy in application and gets quickly absorbed in my skin. The beads are not coarse and hence did not cause any discomfort while scrubbing.

The smell of cream is very mild floral fragrance. It reminds me of red rose. The fragrance does not linger long and vanishes within few minutes of application.

I loved the idea of using scrub and cream at the same time. I purchased this product only because of that. I initially thought that the pink beads will melt into the skin after scrubbing it for few minutes. But unfortunately, the pink beads did not dissolve. Instead all the pink beads came together and formed tiny rubbery clumps on the skin. I had to get a tissue to wipe it off completely.

When it came to moisturizing, this one did a very average job with my dry skinned feet. When I apply my dove moisturizer, I wake up to smooth, moisturized feet but with this, I am not having that effect. It might work for people with normal skin.

With the mild pigmentation issues I was facing, it did help. I tend to get a mild dark patches under my nails which I found to be diminishing with a week use.


Now summarizing its pros and cons.


1. Scrub and cream combined. Good for lazy bones like me.
2. Helps with mild dark patches and aids in evening out the skin texture & complexion.
3. Fragrance is very mild and wonderful. Your sensitive nose won’t be bothered by it.
4. Scrub is very mild.  
5. Non-Greasy and gets absorbed quickly.
5. Travel friendly packing.
6. Pocket friendly price.


1. Does not moisturize well.
2. The beads do not melt. You need to physically remove them with a tissue or towel.


Considering the price it a very decent product that is worth trying. Especially if you are not expecting much on the moisture department.

Hope you girls loved my review.

Have you tried any foot creams lately? If so do share it with me via comments.

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