10 Jan 2013

LA Girls Eyeliner Pencil in White – Review

Hi Ladies,

 I am back with a product from one of my favorite brands, LA Girl. I love their eyeliner pencils very much. They are pretty cheap, smudge proof and stay on really long.

Today I am here with a review of their eyeliner pencil in white.

 I was looking for a white pencil to line my waterline. You might have heard by now that lining white or neutral color in your waterline makes the eyes look brighter and bigger. I saw this pencil on one of my window shopping sessions and I immediately purchased it.

It was priced at Rs. 150 (approx)

This eyeliner pencil is the sharpening types and needs to be sharpened. It comes as a cute black wooden pencil with the color indicator at the back making “the picking it up on a hurry” session easy.


The eyeliner is creamy enough to be used easily in the waterline but not too creamy as to require frequent sharpening. I like this fact contrary to my love for super creamy eyeliners because, whilst lining the waterline in white, if the eyeliner is super creamy, it tends to stick on to the lashes. If it was black or brown, it might have looked tolerable but being white it just looks ugly and messy. This liner gets my vote for this very reason.


The second thing I like about this eyeliner is its pigmentation. It is moderately pigmented which is just perfect to neutralize the red color without looking stalk white. I don’t like stalk white color in my waterline. I personally feel that it looks odd. The white color which we use must only emphasize the white part of the eye giving an illusion of bigger eyes. If it looks brighter than the white area, it simply looks odd.

Staying Power:

It stays for about 3-4 hours in my waterline which is not that bad. If applied anywhere else like in the lash line etc, I think it will stay for a really long time but who will line their eyes in white? Just saying. :D

It doesn't fade away or melt to get between the lashes. It just stays there and while it fades, it just fades.


The liner is smudge proof if applied on the lash line and is mildly waterproof too. If you accidentally splash water on your face it stays but if you rub the liner with water it goes off.

I think due to its smudge proof nature, we can use it as an eye shadow base too but in that case we need to blend it fast. Once it sets, it gets difficult to blend. I have tried it and I just couldn't blend the random thick lines I drew on my lids.

Let me now move on with the pros and cons.


1. Very nice texture. Not too creamy – Not too dry. Just right.
2. Easy application. No tugging.
3. Waterline safe. Did not cause any irritation.
4. Decent pigmentation.
5. Decent Staying power.
6. Does not melt and stick on to the lashes.
7. Smudge proof if applied on the lash line or lids.
8. Pocket friendly.
9. Cap fits in well making it travel friendly.
10. Product wastage minimal when sharpened.
11. cruelty free.


1. It is not waterproof.
2. If used as an eye shadow base, blending needs to be done faster.

In short ladies, it is a very good liner if you are looking at one for lining your waterline. Worth the money.!

I will not finish this one soon but meanwhile, I would love to try some other shades from this range.

Hope you girls loved the review.

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  1. Nice Review Raji...me loved the Bangle than the swatch hehehehe :)

    1. Its metal bangle with threading dear. I like it very much too

  2. i wish they bring this brand to india

    1. if you are in chennai, it is available in EA mall dear.

  3. Nice Review! I've already ordered it last month..Hopefully i receive it soon!

    1. lee.. thank u for commenting.! do stay around... :D u can get it in urbantouch but its priced around 250/-

  4. I've never heard of the brand before, it looks interesting.

    I have an international giveaway on my blog, hope you will enter..


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