24 Jan 2013

Lakme Black Impact Liner - Review

Hello Girls,

Today’s post is going to be about Lakme’s Black Impact liner. I am using this liner for quite some time now. I got this out of curiosity as the SA had great claims to it.

Lakme’s claim:

Enhance your eyes with the blackest of black eyeliner that doesn't fade. The rich, intense color in a silky formula glides on - lining, defining with the greatest of ease. Water resistant and fast drying. It won’t budge for hours. The brush handle offers a comfortable grip so you can create dark, dramatic eyes that are a night time glam staple.


Approx: Rs.200/-


The eyeliner comes in a cute little purple bottle with a golden lid (applicator). The brush looks little fat and long. The bottle is travel friendly. Overall I love the bottle and packing.


It is indeed the blackest of black eyeliner. It has a very deep black color that is quite opaque in a single swipe.

Texture & Applicator:

The liner feels very smooth on application. No tugging. It also feels very light on eyes. The brush surprisingly draws thin lines. The applicator is very comfortable for holding and drawing flicks and lines.

Smudge, water resistance and staying power:

The eyeliner takes around a minute to dry and once dry, it is completely smudge proof and does not move. The staying power is awesome too. I have not come across a liquid liner that stays from 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM. I am not exaggerating. The EOTD picture was taken yesterday evening around 7:40 PM. I have used this liner to line the upper lash line and it still looks pretty intact.


Forgive the tired eyes and smudged khol. 

Before Drying: 

I touched it before it dried hence the smudge. Once dried, i tried smudging twice using my fingers. It did not budge. 

Now here comes the negative point. This liner is not waterproof at all. Not even water resistant. I do not understand as to why a reputed brand like Lakme has stooped enough to make a false claim especially on an otherwise awesome product.

The left side picture was taken immediately after drenching my hand in water. The right side is after rubbing it off mildly with my fingers. No soaps or cleansers involved. 

Though this con does not affect the product’s quality, I can’t help mentioning that the gold color coating over the liner’s applicator tends to peel which looks tacky in my opinion.

Brushing aside the false water proof claim and the peeling gold coating on the pack, this liner is very good and I will repurchase simply for its awesome staying power and smudge resistance. 

 This liner can be purchased for,

1. Its smudge resistance quality.
2. Long staying power.
3. Cute, light and travel friendly bottle.
4. Awesome pigmentation.

And can be skipped if you expect it to be water proof.

Hope you girls loved my review.

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  1. Loved your blog Raj. Hope you dont mind me caling you so. The black color looks quite good in your blog and the post above. :)

    1. welcome nivedita.. :D thank you for commenting and do stay around

  2. Nice Review Raji...The Eye swatch is Awesome :)

  3. Oh! I love this one. This would surely make eyes look so alive. And I guess its price is worth for its amazing feature. Thanks for the information anyway.


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