9 Jan 2013

Maybelline Colorsensational Moisture Extreme Lipcolor in M31 Pink Petal

Hi Ladies,

This post is going to be a review of Maybelline colorsensational  moisture extreme lip color in the shade M31 pink petal.

I need not explain about the colorsensational range from Maybelline as its already famous among us for its wide color choice and affordability.

There is another shade named as pink petal from their colorsensational range which creates quite a confusion because that shade is a very frosty pink kind of color that will ONLY suit very fair skin tones whereas the shade I have here is much more darker lotus pink which will suit fair to wheatish ones well.

This lipstick comes in a cheap rose colored plastic bullet. It looks very flimsy and cheap than the normal colorsensational lipstick bullets. The cap though fits in with an audible click, does not get my vote for being travel friendly.

The lipstick is of creamy, glossy consistency and has a mild silvery sheen to it that adds to the glossy effect.

Moisturizing factor:

I would not call the lipstick to be moisturizing. Though it does not dry the lips like a matte one, it does not moisturize them either.  


The color is a very gorgeous rose color that looks more rusty red under natural light.
When applied lightly as a stain, it looks lotus pink.

The color does not look as harsh as it looks in the bullet and it comes off as an everyday rose shade on the lips. It instantly brightens up the face.

The lipstick, due to its super creamy texture aids smooth application. Again, it might emphasis dry lips and cracks due to its texture.

The lipstick can be layered upon to give an intense rose color that looks very apt for the evenings and with traditional attire. However, heavy layering makes the lipstick bleed at the corners.

Another thing I noticed upon layering was the gloss. The glossy finish tends to look a tad bit overboard when layered more than two coats. It does not look attractive as I am not in for the overly glossy look.



The lipstick does not have any weird smell and is not that sticky or gooey too.


This lipstick is prone to melting and will start to smell spoilt if stored outside in a hot climate. Hence, I store it in my refrigerator.

I kept mine for two days in my vanity box and see how it had become. :(


Overall it is a nice lipstick in a very comfortable price bracket. There are loads of shades to choose from this range. Though I personally love this color, I am not a fan of its texture and finish. I might use this up and get a similar shade with a better finish.

Hope you girls loved the review.

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  1. Hey Raji, nice review. I thought it was light pink, but it is quite darker than my expectation. I heard some complaints abt this particular shade from other bloggers. Did you notice something?

    1. hey nisha.. there is a shade in d same name in the colorsensational range though not labelled as moisture extreme. it is more light pink that is for very fair skin tones. This shade is good apart from the issues while layering and it tends to melt if stored outside in chennai climate..

    2. Oh yes Raji, that's the old one. Why they gave same names for different range!!! strange. Anyways in our place most lipstick melt

    3. I love streetwear and maybelline lippies, but unfortunately they both need to be stored in a refrigerator.

  2. Hi Raji Looks So nice one...I think I have one in this range but it is diff shade I loved it very much pink nude I think.... Where is LOTD????

    1. ha u know wat rads, i had d lotd and then took it :P :P :P

  3. hey Raji.. nice review :)
    and wanted to see LOTD :D :)


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