14 Jan 2013


Hey Ladies,


Today I am back with a review of my current love РRevlon Colorstay Whipped Cr̬me Makeup.

I wanted to buy a good foundation which did not oxidize or made me look cakey. I got the lotus purestay one which was very good especially in its price range. But then I realized that irrespective of the pros, it felt a little heavy, especially during these hot days.  

Based on recommendation, I settled on for this.

I made this review lengthy as I wanted to share my experience quite elaborately. If you just want to settle for the pros and cons, then just scroll down.

The product is priced at Rs. 800/- which I initially felt to be a little costly initially.

It comes in a heavy glass tub with a black screw plastic cap. The tub is heavy and as I am prone to drop things, I will never consider it to be user friendly.

There is a little flexible plastic cap inside the black one.


REVLON COLORSTAY WHIPPED CREME FOUNDATION in Natural ochre Images, review and swatch

Shade: I got the shade Natural ochre based on the SA’s recommendation. All the shades looked same to me (I am very bad at shade selection).  And, a darker shade was also looking okayish to me though I went by the SA’s recommendation.

The best thing about this shade or the shades from this range is that they have yellow undertone to them making it ideal for our skin tones.


It feels like a thick cream.

When I came home immediately after shopping I tried it on and the first thing I ever noticed was not the shade, not the smell but the excellent texture of the product. It is so smooth and goes on effortlessly. Just like satin. It blended like a dream and my skin kind of drank the product in.

The dangerous thing with this texture is we could end up using more product than we actually require. You don’t get that heavy feeling when you layer the product on. Like I said, the skin kind of drinks it up and you end up wearing more than you actually require.

The texture makes the process of applying foundation on the corners of nose, eyelids etc easy.
REVLON COLORSTAY WHIPPED CREME FOUNDATION in Natural ochre closeup review and swatch


It is a medium coverage one. It covers up tiny acne marks and mild dark circles well but does not cover heavy dark marks or acne’s.



It gives a semi-matte finish with a healthy glow. The SA told me that I can skip wearing a compact and I tried wearing it without compact and with compact. It just works fine.

Staying power:

I wore this at 9 in the morning and when I came home by 6:30 in the evening it still looked fresh and gorgeous. No exaggeration ladies. My face looked as pretty as it was in the morning. And yes I wore a compact along with it in the morning.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that when I wore this on my eyelids, it didn’t crease. A very big plus. I do not suffer from heavy dark circles and I hate wearing multiple stuffs. When I tried it on my eyelids, it didn’t crease. It stayed perfect. My Lotus one which was good in other aspects used to crease on my eyelids if I got a little heavy handed.

I could write for pages about how pretty it made me look but let me stop here and summarize the pros and cons.


1. Wonderful texture. Blends like a dream.
2. Medium to buildable coverage. If you have less problems with your skin, you can totally skip your concealer.
3. Doesn't feel cakey.
4. Does not have any smell.
5. No talc and Parabens.
6. Did not irritate my skin or cause any breakouts.
7. looks very natural and feels light.
8. even if you get a shade darker or lighter by mistake you can still make it work.
9. Does not oxidize even in hot Chennai climate.
10. Stays for a long time.
11. does not crease in the eyelid area no matter how hot the sun is.
12. SPF 20.!


1. Texture is so good and light that we might end up layering the product.
2. Face needs to be moisturized pretty well in case your combination skin is leaning towards dryness. Emphasize the scaly skin or dryness around nose etc if not moisturized properly.
3. A definite no for dry skinned girls.
4. Tub packing and glass.! Not at all travel friendly.



Will I recommend? Yes of course.! To all the normal to oily skinned girls.

Will I repurchase? I think I have found my HG foundation.! YAY..!!!

Hope you girls loved this review.

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  1. OMG This is a great great foundi I think ok...I am surrunder I will purchase this soon!!!!!
    I have read each n every word Raji hehehe :)
    Nice REview and Swatch og half face :p

    1. Thank u rads... <3 its worth the money if you are not dry skinned.. i love it <3

    2. I am super oily skin wala lol...I must give a try this one :)

    3. ya dear then u must.. ur skin will love this

  2. Oh Finally you got your perfect foundation. That's good. Let me also try this next time. By the way how did this beat MAC in your priority?

    1. I went by the recommendation dear.. all were asking me to give this a try.. :D

  3. Hi Raji :) Glad that you got the best :) I am looking for a foundi that can give this dewy finish,i don like matte finishes as they look made up and more over my skin type is normal-to-dry...any suggestions dear???

    1. i have heard that Mac Mineralized is the best foundation with dewy finish.. u can also try the bourjois healthy mix one.. my friend swears by it.

  4. Wow you got your perfect foundation! I was eyeing this product and thank God you clarified this one is not for dry skinned people. I have dry skin. I wish they come out with a similar whipped formula for us too.

    1. yes dear... definite no for dry skin.. i had scaly skin around the nose (a winter development). It enhanced the look of the dryness and made it ugly...

  5. Great review. I've been using the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation and although it is my favorite yet, I still get irritated at the fact that its form ends up in a lot of wasted foundation!
    I was kind of scared of trying this one out because I've never really been a whipped kind of girl. But you've inspired me haha!
    By the way, a few days ago I was recommended this website, that allows you to find the right foundation and shade for you http://www.beauty.ps/tool/foundation. Maybe you should check it out :). It's pretty cool!

    Xx 'til then!



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