7 Feb 2013

Biotique Bio Coconut Whitening & Brightening Cream - Review

Hi Girls,

Today I am reviewing the Biotique Bio Coconut Whitening & Brightening Cream. I love Biotique products. I had little darkness around my nose and chin area and I wanted a brightening cream to lighten those up. I immediately grabbed this when I saw it at the display. The darkness i complained about was not genetic and i got it last summer due to excess roaming and not taking care of my skin.

The product comes in a typical Biotique green plastic jar which I don’t like. All products are packed in a similar fashion and it is quite boring.

Ingredients & price:


This product does not smell good. It smells like a mixture of some shaving cream and coconut. I really don’t like it. The unpleasant fragrance calms down in a minute or two after application and I don’t find it bothersome.


The product comes off as a thick white cream which feels quite greasy. It gets absorbed pretty quickly into the skin if used in right quantities and it may more time if used in excess. 



As I mentioned earlier, I procured this product to lighten the darker areas of my face i.e., the area around my nose and chin.  Due to the product’s thickness, I was not comfortable in using it in the day time so for the first week of usage, I used this product as a night cream. I applied the product on my whole face concentrating more on the areas which needs to be lightened. Immediately after the first usage I was able to notice my face looking a little brighter. I felt very satisfied and started using it non-stop for one week. It considerably lightened the dark areas and now after one month of usage, the darkness has totally gone. I am very happy with the results. More than that, my complexion has evened out and my face looks bright.

I have acne-prone skin and this product has never broke me out. (I apply this only during night time). At times, due to the climate, areas around my nose tends to feel dry and during those times, I take a little bit of this product and apply on the dry areas during the day time. It has not irritated my skin at all.

As for the “lightening” claims I did not experience any such thing and I did not expect it either.

Now summing up its pros and cons


1. Does what it claims and lightens dark areas.
2. Did not break out or irritate my skin.
3. Little quantity is sufficient.
4. Natural product.


1. Boring Tub packing.
2. Though it claims to be designed for all skin types, it might feel a little heavy for people with oily skin.
3. Does not have a great fragrance.


This is my second tub and I completely adore this product. Does what it claims. Will definitely recommend and repurchase.

Have you used any Biotique products? If so do share your experience.

Hope you girls found the review useful.

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  1. I will get it for my sister :) Hav u tried fab India depigmentation?? It wrks but has loads of chemicals :(

    1. i have heard about it and about its chemical content as well.. :) i want to try it too.. just to see how it works.. :)

  2. Nice Review haaha me n Biotique had a fight one day.... wanted to try their anti pigmentation lip balm :(

  3. Hey Nice New Look Raji I love this dear :) Keep Rocking :)


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