10 Feb 2013

Cool & Cool Deep Cleansing Nose Strips - Review

Hi Girls,

Today I am back with a review of a product that most of us have used at one point or the other. Black heads removing strips. I have used such strips once and I did not use it properly and ended up wasting it. From then I somehow found the black heads removal during the monthly face clean up sessions to be satisfying. I do not travel much and scrub my face every week. These made me sustain till my next face clean up day.

My Experience:

When I saw this at the health & glow outlet, I was so tempted that I bought this one. It was quite costly unlike the one I used unsuccessfully. This was priced at Rs. 139/- for a pack of three. The packing was very good. The instructions were printed pretty clearly though I failed in reading it well.  The strips come individually packed which is very hygienic.

I came home and tried it on as per the instructions. I found the glue to be pretty industrial. I waited for 15 minutes before peeling it off. It peeled off pretty easily but unfortunately it ripped a little, almost negligible part of my skin at the side of my nose too. *sob*.

Whilst being so happy with its work, I couldn't get over the ripping of my skin part. I later re-read the instruction to find that they have advised to wet the strip again a little in case it had adhered a little bit hard to the skin. *late realization*

At times, the glue is left behind in the nose after peeling it off prompting us to clean the place again using a cleanser.

Now let me summarize its pros and cons.


1. Extracts almost 90% of the black heads and white heads.
2. Easy to use.
3. Nice and travel friendly packing. You need not carry the whole packet as unlike tissues, each strip comes in its own little packing.


1. Must be careful while pulling it off.   
2. Can be used only for the nose.
3. A little pricey. 


I loved its performance very much and will surely recommend this to my friends along with a little advice on the peeling part. As for the re-purchase, I am right now terrified by the ripping of the skin incident and will wait till I forget it completely.

Hope you girls loved my small review.


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  1. I don't remember using nose strip ever. This one looks promising. Thanks for the review. :)


    1. thank u dear.. if not for d "gross" factor, i would have posted the photo of d strip :P. it s reallyyyy effective

  2. Wowww interesting I must try once Nice Review dear :)

    1. Do try it dear.. but just be careful while peeling it. It is very good.


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