26 Feb 2013

Cute Floral Nail Art for Short Nails

Hello Girls,

i got two nail polishes for Rs. 30/- each from a shop where i met Nisha. When i tried those at home, i found them to be a little runny. I tried making a simple flower with them and they turned out surprisingly well.!

How to:

You can take the same bobby pin and pick up any color of your choice (i used yellow) and place a smaller dot in the middle where all the lines created above joins. This gives a beautiful finishing touch to the design by covering up the place where all the line joins and making the floral design pop even brighter.

For the leaves, again take the same bobby pin or tooth pick and create thick wobby lines on the sides and once it dries, add a black thin line in the middle of it. That's it.!!

More pictures:

Hope you girls love it.

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  1. Its a very pretty nail art! Will give it a try sonetime....

  2. Beautiful Raji! I appreciate your creativity and patience to produce something so beautiful

  3. Wowww I loved this Pink flower so much Raji..will try it in this way :)
    Thank you :D

  4. Raji .. i m just waiting to meet u .. u have to teach me this ...

  5. Very nice and well explained. I am so going to try it today.

    New post up

  6. this is looking so pretty Raji....I m gonna try it out :)


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