26 Feb 2013

Fifteen Facts About Sunscreens

Hello friends,

Summers are almost here and I am slowly waking up to the reality of using sunscreens.

I was talking to my friend who said that she never skips sunscreen even in winters because the rays of the sun, however mild it may be, age the skin. Though I smiled and kept a pretty face when she told that, I so wanted to bang my head as I hardly use sunscreen.

I did a little research and decided to dedicate one whole post to the use of sunscreens.  In this post, i am jotting down 15 important facts about sunscreens and its uses which some of you might find useful. 

1. Sunscreens help in reducing the skin tanning – Tanning is a result of your skin getting exposed and affected by the UV rays hence using sunscreen helps.

2. Sunscreen safeguards our skin from the harmful and notorious UVA rays which induce premature skin ageing. Irrespective of your skin type i.e., oily or dry, study says that UVA rays attribute to almost 90% of pre mature ageing.

3. Sunscreens are to be used throughout the year. These UVA and UVB rays penetrate even clouds and are present during all seasons. In fact I read in some website that we get more UV ray exposure in winters.

4. Sunscreen helps in avoiding the risk of skin cancer.

5. Sunscreen helps in avoiding sun burns which is highly remote with our skin tones.

6. Choosing SPF depends on factors such as your skin color and the exposure. Lighter the skin greater the SPF and greater the exposure, greater the SPF.

7. Your skin needs SPF irrespective of your gender.

8. There are lots of sunscreens in the market that are not greasy or oily. Some of them are designed for oily skin like other cosmetics.

9. Sun blocks and sunscreens are different. Sun blocks block the rays whereas sunscreens absorb the harmful rays.

10. If you are so much concerned about the whitish cast, stay away from sun blocks. As Sun blocks impart whitish cast more than sunscreens.

11. It takes almost 20 minutes for the sunscreen to get absorbed into your skin so apply it 20-30 minutes before you step out.

12. If you are using creams like mosquito repellent etc always use a sunscreen with more SPF as such creams have a tendency to reduce the SPF.

13. Always look out for “Broad Spectrum” sunscreens as they provide the best protection.

14. Never use expired sunscreens. You are actually doing more harm.

15. Your lips require SPF as much as your skin does. Get a Lip balm or chap stick with SPF.

Hope you guys loved this post.! Happy Summers…!!

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  1. Gr8 post Raji :) I never skip sunscreens :)

  2. Nice post Raji, am also very lazy to use sunscreens. But the first point about tanning is not true according to one dermatologist whom I know. She told that sunscreens can't prevent tanning it can only protect the skin from other damages from Sun's harmful UV rays. I don't know what can prevent tanning!

    1. oh i took it from american govt website dear.. :) thanks for the update

  3. Great post dear...I never skip Sunscreen with SPF 40 :) while going out :)

  4. Great post keeping in mind that we all will need this in those hot summers!!

    1. thanks dear but use sunscreen even in mild summers or winter mornings..


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