1 Feb 2013

Lakme Rose Powder with sunscreen - Review

Hello dear friends,

Today I am going to share my experience with Lakme Rose Powder with SPF. After using it for quite some time, I feel that this is a product that deserves much more accolades that it presently has.

Lakme Rose Powder with sunscreen Review and swatch

I never knew that this powder was in my vanity and I started trying it on a couple of months back and I am now hooked to it.

This powder comes in a circular plastic box with an outer screw type lid and an inner plastic covering which has few holes on them to avoid powder wastage. The packing is simple. They provide a puff with the powder which is useless and hence I use a powder brush to apply it.

Lakme Rose Powder with sunscreen Review and Swatch

Ingredients & Price:
Lakme Rose Powder with sunscreen Ingredients Review and Swatch

The powder is of smooth velvety texture and has a very mild floral fragrance (it reminds me of roses) when deliberately smelt upon. (do not try this unless you want them to get into your nose). The smell is not at all overpowering and does not linger long. For me, it vanishes in seconds after application.

I dab this powder onto my face after moisturizing on my no-makeup days. Though being a cheap product, it did not break me out even after continuous usage. It sets the moisturizer pretty well and gives a decent matte look. On my skin, it neither imparted the fake whitish caste nor looked cakey. The staying power of this powder is pretty decent and it keeps my skin oil free for almost 4 hours.

Lakme Rose Powder with sunscreen Swatch

In terms of coverage, it is just a sheer setting powder and nothing more. It does impact a temporary brightness too.  

Lakme Rose Powder with sunscreen Swatch Blended

Another downfall is the holes given in the inner lid. They are not useful. They don’t let enough product to come. I need to keep tapping the box to get some product on the plastic lid. And, if I remove the lid completely, the powder gets all over the place.

Let me summarize the pros and cons before moving to the verdict.


1. Cheap & easily available.
2. Did not break me out. (I have acne prone skin)
3. Sets moisturizer and foundation very well.
4. Velvety texture and pleasant smell.
5. Does not impart any whitish cast.
6. Does not look cakey.
7. Keeps face matte and oil free for 4 hours especially considering the price.
8. Contains SPF.


1. Packing is not travel friendly.
2. Provides no coverage.
3. The sponge applicator and the inner plastic lid don’t serve their purpose.
4. Only two shades available.


This is a very good product. For just Rs.90/- it does a pretty neat job. I love it especially for those “only-moisturizer” days.

Recommended subject to shade compatibility.

Hope you girls loved my review.

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  1. I have used Lakme's Compact....Ya they are affordable n good too
    Nice Review dear :)

  2. cheap and affordable...sounds like a good product


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